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Vape Batteries | eleaf box mod 200w and more

Vape batteries are designed for different types of concentrate consumption.

Some fantastic eleaf box mod vape batteries have come in! They’re basically little box mods. They’re pretty strong so here is a little over view about them.

New Vape Battery Primer

There are a few things to consider but if any one still has questions about this then please hit up any White Rabbit Budtender and you can get a full explanation and demo. Here are a few tips on how to get the optimal usage out of it.
So, it’s an “Eleaf box mod battery” with a 2,200 mAh battery. This means the life on the charge will last a while. However, This also means that thebattery takes longer to charge. You can expect a charge time of roughly 2 and a half hours. Maybe a little more or a little less, but if the user primarily pops on most standard cannabis extract cartridges then it should hold it’s charge for a very. very, long time.

Works For 808 and 510 Threads

However, using the battery with an attached atomizer for dabs will cause the battery to drop the charge faster. Primarily, dabs take a higher voltage to melt and vape. The good news, the battery features adjustable voltage. The trade off of course means more time charging, but time should not be an issue if the dab will do ya…
Note, the battery needs to be charged because it does not come out of the package “hot”. Don’t let that bug you, the reward of having such control over the temp and the type of contents is worth every penny.
Now about the battery itself. It comes with a little usb charger and a little attachment to fit a 510 threaded cartridge or 808 threaded atomizer.
The metal piece is not required to use for carts since most carts sold here at White Rabbit Cannabis fall into the 510 thread category. Simply thread
in the cart directly to the battery.
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Adjustable Voltage Reminder

After the cartridge is threaded in, the battery will find the correct voltage for you. Still, we suggest the user hit the down button just to make sure
it is at the right setting. Better to start too low and then turn the heat up. A big hot hit might be fun to blow out to see a huge cloud, but not when you realize that it is too late. Your throat seizes up like an old Ford that just dropped its oil on the highway. You start coughing and gacking and hacking out a lung. No, better start with the comfortable puff or two then work up to the monster hits.

Vape Batteries Power Settings

The reason being, these batteries run extremely strong. You can go anywhere from 2 to 8 volts. However, guess what happens when you put a cartridge meant to run at about 3.2v runs at 5v? No bueno. You melt the coil and spend the rest of the day cursing the cart for not working any more and wasting a perfectly good concentrate.
We always tell buyers to shut everything off before throwing it into their pocket. The voltage can be accidentally raised, so just like that cell phone you don’t want to end up butt dialing someone, make sure the E-Leaf is turned off to avoid issues. For this reason, we always suggest to press the voltage down button before engaging the battery each time.
I know that sounds intense but we want to make sure everyone get the most out of it with the least amount of risk and hassle.

Maintenance Is Fairly Simple For Vape Batteries

To sum things up, basic maintenance is fairly simple. As you would with most vape batteries, a q-tip and rubbing alcohol gently swabbed around the 510 threading will keep it neat and working effectively. Also, be sure to de-thread the metal attachment from the unit and do the same as well beneath the thread, and the inside threading on the battery itself.
Hit us up at White Rabbit if you have any questions.
Have fun!

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