White Rabbit Cannabis

General Info

  • Offering Recreational Marijuana
  • Medically Endorsed
  • Handicap Parking
  • Curbside Pickup for Medical Patients
  • Secure and well-lit parking area
  • Unique Selection of artisan brands
  • “Listen More, Talk Less” Customer Service
  • On-site ATM
  • Hand Crafted Paraphernalia
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"In from out of town and needed some edibles for the hotel. They had the exact products I was looking for. Excellent, quick, friendly staff. Great in and out location."

Kate J. Google Review

Recreational Marijuana & Medically Endorsed

White Rabbit Cannabis

Featuring a carefully curated selection of unique cannabis from the states top producers and processors, White Rabbit Cannabis offers great cannabis at fair prices. Customer service is our highest priority, and we strive to make every customer feel special.

Whether a user is new to recreational marijuana, or an experienced user requiring cannabis for medical conditions, every customer receives care, attention, and respect. in equal measures. In fact, our service creed is “Listen more, talk less”. We are there to answer questions, not act like “know it alls”.

Recreational Marijuana & Medically Endorsed

In Washington State, all legal marijuana shops carry recreational use cannabis products. However, only some provide a medical endorsement too. A medical endorsement means the store staff takes online classes and passes an exam supervised by the state’s regulatory agency.

While the bud tender cannot dispense with medical advice, any medically endorsed bud tender knows the answers to typical medical use questions, and possesses more in depth product knowledge. With greater knowledge, hopefully patients make better informed decisions about medical use options and alternatives.

A Great Selection Of Recreational Cannabis Products

At White Rabbit Cannabis, we strive to support craft farms. These boutique growers specialize in unique strains with sustainable and environmentally sound growing practices. We prioritize organic and pesticide free growers first and foremost.

We also seek to offer high quality products across all price points. This goes for the bargain brands through the top shelf offerings. In this respect, we always seek to lead and not to follow. So, customers often comment fondly on the selection being so unique and fairly priced.

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