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Recreational and Medical Marijuana Store

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Strain of the Week:

Green Island Growers

Strain of the Week is Bubblicious by Green Island Growers.
Bubblicious captures the signature bubble gum flavor that first lent this hybrid widespread notoriety.  Potent and relaxing, Bubblicious offers full-body effects that soothe tension and stress even in seasoned THC veterans.
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12/9 Sunday’s Concentrate will be All the Hash
12/10 Monday’s Paraphernalia Continues our Glass Sale of 20% off ALL Glass
12/11 Tuesday’s Drink is Highdrate and Pullman Punch
12/12 Wednesday’s Edible is THC Express
12/13 Thursday’s Preroll is Rogue Raven Prerolls
12/14 Friday’s Large Quanties Continues our Ounce Blow-Out as low as $75!
12/15 Saturday’s Featured Farm is Island Gro

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White Rabbit In The News

Link to an article by Monroe Blvd Trading Company on woman entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry. Our owner, Teresa White is among them!

Green buds at White Rabbit

About Us

White Rabbit is a family-owned 21+ legal cannabis retailer dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. To that end, our well-trained staff is polite and knowledgeable. Take a look, our product selection is very broad, and our pricing competitive.

Check out our menu and rotating sales items because we have some of the best cannabis in Western Washington. Find flower and joints, dabs, concentrates, hash, infused edibles, tinctures, and topical preparations, including high CBD strains. Also, we carry a variety of high quality vaporizers and cartridges, and see our amazing artisan crafted pipes, oil rigs, and storage containers. Especially critical, our customers are fantastic and are always happy to see new faces! So, if you’re as passionate about cannabis, then feel free to join our frequent buyer club and blog. Please Like Us on Facebook and we hope to see you soon!

Our Mission

Because our shop aspires to great ideals, we work hard to maintain standards; therefore, we want to represent the best. So as our commitment, we look for the best of recreational and medical cannabis cultivation and processing. Therefore, seeking producers focused on quality, we focus on those that embrace organic and environmentally friendly marijuana cultivation practices. Very importantly, we want processors offering safe and solvent free processing which means we commend complete transparency in testing. Hence, we strive for excellent product knowledge because our goal is to help our customers. Yet, most important of all, customer satisfaction comes from finding cannabis products that meet expectations. Consequently, we want customers to have utmost confidence in our bud tenders.

For us at White Rabbit, this isn’t about just selling weed, it is about educating people about the benefits of this amazing plant. It is about making friends. Let’s make good neighbors to our community and gain respect from our peers. Everyone in the recreational and medical marijuana industry plays an important part in representing this as a responsible, healthful community. So, we work hard to defy negative stereotypes that have been sold about ganja far too long. This may just be one small weed store in Lynnwood Washington, but we will always go around the world and back again to be a trusted resource. Our mission…. To be an exemplary business in the marijuana industry.

15928 Highway 99 S, Lynnwood WA, 98087

Warning: Marijuana has intoxicating effects, may be habit forming, may impair concentration, coordination, and judgement, may have associated health risks. Do not operate vehicles or machinery under the influence. For use only by adults 21 and over. Keep out of reach of children! 
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