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July 14 - July 20

Pura Vida Cannabis

15% OFF This Week!

Cherry Pie

while supplies last

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July 1 - July 30

20% OFF All Month!

Island Gro Flower

while supplies last

Island Gro Cannabis
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organic cannabis leaf

Recreational and Medical Marijuana Store

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White Rabbit Cannabis features Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie from Pura Vida Cannabis is an indica dominant hybrid.

Strain of the Week:

Cherry Pie from Pura Vida

July 14 to July 20 15% Off

Sunday July 14th  – From the Soil and Magic Time Concentrates will be 15% off

These brother’s are a force to be reckoned with! Each with their own individuality in how they grow and process, both with amazing results that they each earned though hard work and determination! Full spectrum buzz, with very accurate descriptions for spot on effects. We get a good deal of shatter and crumble from them; the shatter has its differences in textures depending on who you buy, but both giving a copious amounts of effects! While their crumble offers a softer, more dough like consistency that seems to melt like butter into the banger or nail.

Monday July 15th –   Beaker Bongs will be discounted 15% 

Lets face it, even now I love the Beaker Bong style of blowing glass for its classic look; watching the neck fill with smoke, and the ecstatic feeling of clearing that neck of its smoke and filling your lungs with it. The clouds you can create with them are phenomenal! Mondays are our favorite days for buying glass! Take a peek at what we have here for ya!

Tuesday July 16th –  Happy Apples will be discounted 15%

I remember in my younger years I was taught how to make apple cider (And Ice cream but that’s another story) and though I never acquired a a taste for cider, the freshness of the apples was a taste I remember to this day. Happy Apple Cider has that same freshly made taste that I remembered from my youth, with all the maturity of an adult beverage that I crave after a nice long day. Crack open a cold one with White Rabbit and feel the joy that only Happy Apple can supply.

Wednesday July 17th –  Magic Kitchen will be discounted 15%

With a little magic put in every delicious piece of candy or bite of cookie, you’re a sure win with these tasty treat from Magic Kitchen. Snicker-doodles, Pebbles, tasty tantalizing treats just waiting to come home with you! With both THC and CBD options for whatever path your looking to take. “A perfect way to relax at the end of a long day” Say’s one of my coworkers who buy’s them for her mother to use.

Thursday July 18th  – Orgrow Infused Joints pre-rolls will be discounted 15%

These joints are, not surprising, amazing! I’ve been a fan of their oil ever since we’ve brought them into our beloved store. The oil is affordable and super tasty; united with their flower you’ve got a surprising combination of flavor and effect that’s sure to satisfy. We’ve got quite a few to chose from, including the refreshing Hybrid Pink Lemonade, perfect for enjoying the moment. If you need something with more kick then Go Time is your strain. We’ve got plenty of options for you today!

Friday July 19th – Agrijuana  for large quantities

Agrijuana is a lovely low cost grower that has multiple stains that we know and love. Callooh Callay its fractious day come get those big bags for less today!!!
Vendor Day :  is our vendor today 

Saturday July 20th – Pinnacle Cannabis is the Featured Farm

We love the words of the wise, and The Caterpillar says “I loved Pinnacle Cannabis’ LSD Flower for its tasty flavor and perfectly balanced sativa high. I really appreciated how the strain wasn’t to hazy in my brain, its something I’d get again and again.” Where this budtender loved their rendition of Super Silver Haze for its powerful burst of energy and strong distracting qualities. Others here really enjoy Pinnacles Strawberry Cough for its happy go lucky, uplifting effects that it has.

Island Gro 20% OFF!

Island Gro Cannabis grows excellent organic cannabis. It is a family owned and operated boutique farm featuring hand trimmed buds and also offering great prices. Even their bags of bud trim shake look like bags of kief. Try out their flower all month long for 20% off!

Medicine Woman Prerolls

July 17th, 2019|0 Comments

Medicine Woman Prerolls Sale 15% off the great tasting Medicine Woman Prerolls Thursday 7/25. Medicine Woman Prerolls tend to go quickly. The prices low, the quality high, these prerolls [...]

Hazy Daze Concentrates

July 17th, 2019|0 Comments

Hazy Daze Concentrates Caterpillar's Choice Sunday concentrate special Hazy Daze concentrates make Caterpillar's Choice this week for our concentrates special. The Hazy Daze farm hails from Belfair WA. Sunday [...]

Orgrow Infused Prerolls

July 12th, 2019|0 Comments

July 18 Orgrow Infused Prerolls The Orgrow infused prerolls differ from most others infused joints. Orgrow not only rolls premium flower joints, but also coats them in their [...]

Prohibition PreRolls

July 3rd, 2019|0 Comments

Prohibition Prerolls 15% OFF! Prohibition prerolls are packing heat. As in fire. Their focus is on creating great joints; whereas for many others it is an afterthought. They take [...]

Island Gro Cannabis

White Rabbit In The News

Link to an article by Monroe Blvd Trading Company on woman entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry. Our owner, Teresa White is among them!

Green buds at White Rabbit

About Us

White Rabbit

Our well-trained staff strives for great service, because being polite and knowledgeable makes or breaks the experience. Also, our product selection focuses on organic cultivation, small batch boutique farms. Of course, great pricing comes with the territory. Because, the green mile in Lynnwood and Everett along the 99 offers many choices.

Check out our menu and rotating sales items. We carry some of the best cannabis in Western Washington. Find flower and joints, dabs, concentrates, hash, infused edibles, tinctures, and topical preparations. Also, we specialize in high CBD strains. Additionally, we carry a variety of high quality vaporizers and cartridges. Don’t miss our amazing artisan crafted pipes, oil rigs, and storage containers!

As always, our customers share input and we love meeting new people! Passionate about cannabis? Feel free to join our frequent buyer club and blog. Please Like Us on Facebook; we hope to see you soon!

Our Mission

As our shop aspires to great ideals, we work hard. To maintain standards, we want to represent the best. So, we look for the best of recreational and medical cannabis cultivation and processing. Therefore, seeking quality, we focus on organic and environmentally friendly marijuana cultivation practices.

Very importantly, we want processors offering safe and solvent free processing which means we commend complete transparency in testing. Hence, we strive for excellent product knowledge because our goal is to help our customers. Most important, customer satisfaction comes from finding cannabis products that meet expectations. Consequently, we want customers to have utmost confidence in our bud tenders.

For us at White Rabbit, this isn’t about just selling weed, it is about educating people about the benefits of cannabis. It is about making friends. Let’s make good neighbors to our community. We want to earn the respect of our peers. Everyone in the recreational and medical marijuana industry plays an important part in representing this as a responsible, healthful community.

So, we work hard to defy negative stereotypes that have been sold about ganja far too long. This may just be one small weed store in Lynnwood Washington, but we will always go around the world and back again to be a trusted resource. Our mission…. To be an exemplary business in the marijuana industry.

15928 Highway 99 S, Lynnwood WA, 98087

Warning: Marijuana has intoxicating effects, may be habit forming, may impair concentration, coordination, and judgement, may have associated health risks. Do not operate vehicles or machinery under the influence. For use only by adults 21 and over. Keep out of reach of children! 
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