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Canna Vape Product Guide

Canna vape product guide is a summary of types of vape batteries.

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“There’s a vape for everyone at The White Rabbit.”

We stock select companies to help you get the most of your vaping experience. If you’re new to oil vaping, it can be easy to get lost deciding which battery is right for you. So here’s a guide to let you know which way to go!

Canna Vape Product Guide Introduction

Vape Battery Technology is the place to start. Understanding the basics of how it works gives you.

What is a Cannabis Vape?

Cannabis vape batteries are comprised of two mechanical devices used to create vapor from cannabis oil. These devices may be all in one and disposable or rechargeable for several uses.

The electronic part is referred to as a battery, because it is literally a battery. It will release electricity to the compartment that holds the oil. This allows the oil to become vapor.

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Canna Vape Product Guide To Cannisters

The canister for the oil is called a cartridge, or atomizer. They come in various designs. In an all in one disposable battery the oil will be included with the battery ready for immediate use. A 510 thread is a screw on cartridge that attaches to a rechargeable battery. A large majority of vendors stock their oil in a 510 thread cartridge since it is considered a standard threading vape.

If you already own a vape battery, chances are it is a 510 thread unit. Always ask your budtender which cartridge is right for your battery to ensure success with your vaping experience. Since there are so many batteries available, it is not guaranteed that your battery will perform the best with the cartridge you decide to purchase. Some batteries, such as box mods used for e-juice (liquid nicotine), may be too powerful for cannabis cartridges and may result in poor performance, or damage to the cartridge itself, even though it is a 510 thread battery.

Canna Vape Product Guide To The right tools

We highly suggest that you purchase a battery specifically created for cannabis oil. We carry several varieties. Purchasing your battery here would allow us to better troubleshoot any problems or questions you have about vaping.

Another style of vaporizer is for dabbing. Like the batteries for cartridges, these devices will provide electrical power to make the oil vaporize. Instead of purchasing an attachment such as a cartridge filled with oil, the user will add the oil themselves. Dab batteries have a chamber called an atomizer that usually contains, either two quartz coils, or a ceramic element that heats to melt the oil.

Canna Vape Product Guide To Dabs

Although dabs are oil, much like what is inside a cartridge, they look very different. Some are waxy and dryer, some are goopy like honey, and everything in between. Waxes are usually the preference for dab batteries because they are easier to load into the chamber. Once a dab is placed into the chamber and the lid is sealed, it’s ready to enjoy by pressing the button on the battery.

Canna Vape Product Guide Cleaning Tips

These types of vaporizers are maintained by cleaning their chamber. To clean their chamber, gently blow on the center to allow the remaining resin to burn off. Some models offer extra atomizers for purchase should one break.

(This is an excerpt from our vape product guide. Feel free to download it if you want to check out the entire guide. )

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