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Mogul Extracts GG#4 Review

Mogul Extacts is a premium Washington producer of quality dabs. Their GG#4 is reviewed.

Checking out a classic with Mogul Extract’s GG#4  

Mogul Extracts GG#4 is available at White Rabbit Cannabis in Lynnwood WA
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A new entry in the Rabbit’s lineup, Mogul Extracts is coming out strong with a solid take on a classic, GG#4. A quality steel-and-quartz taper-tipped cart showcases a beautifully distilled oil, sweet without being cloying or perfumey. The sweetness of the oil combines with the pine-forward strain notes of GG#4 and hints of limonene for a lime-like flavor unusual to the strain before fading to a more traditional diesel aftertaste, like a gin gimlet drunk in an airplane hanger.

The beauty of Mogul Extracts GG#4 effects

The high is mildly euphoric with a relaxation that sinks into the bones for a bit before turning a little sedative. An excellent choice for kicking back to binge or to take the edge of the aches and pains at the end of a long day, Mogul Extracts’ GG#4 is a great buy at a great price.

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