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Premium Cannabis Concentrates in Seattle by White Rabbit Cannabis

White Rabbit brings forth an exquisite range of Cannabis concentrates to cater to diverse preferences. From the enticing charm of Indica and Sativa to the harmonious mixtures of Hybrid strains and the therapeutic benefits of CBD concentrates, our Cannabis concentrates range redefines cannabis consumption. 

Our customers love the diverse range of Cannabis concentrates for different moods to elevate their state of mind. From energized or happy to relaxed or sleepy, we have something to offer to everyone. 

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"White Rabbit has all my favorite concentrates so I come all the way from Woodinville"

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Frequently Asked Questions


How are cannabis concentrates different from traditional cannabis products?

Concentrates are more potent than traditional cannabis products, as they extract and concentrate the active compounds, providing a more intense experience.

What types of cannabis concentrates are available on White Rabbit Cannabis?

White Rabbit Cannabis offers a variety of concentrates, including cannabis wax, sugar, rosin, live resin and other potent extracts to cater to diverse preferences.

What sets White Rabbit Cannabis concentrates apart from others?

Our concentrates are crafted with premium cannabis strains, utilizing advanced extraction techniques to ensure quality, potency, and a superior experience.

Can I use cannabis concentrates in multiple ways?

Yes, cannabis concentrates offer versatile consumption options. They can be vaporized, dabbed, added to edibles, or even used to enhance the potency of traditional flower.

Cannabis Concentrates – A Glimpse

Cannabis concentrates contain refined products derived from the cannabis plant. These concentrates are processed to retain the most beneficial components of the plant, mainly terpenes and cannabinoids. This process successfully eliminates excess plant material and impurities that might persist in other Cannabis. The cannabis concentrate, hence, possesses a higher concentration of potency compared to other options.

Hence, when you dab concentrates, you get a higher level of cannabinoids and terpenes than if you were smoking a joint. A small amount goes a long way. These can also be consumed by vaporizing via a portable vaporizer. Using concentrates via dabbing offers some benefits over other methods: 

Higher level of purity– essential elements are retained in concentrates only to exhibit a higher purity level.

Reduced smell- subdued odor offering a discreet method of consumption! It is suitable for users seeking a subtler approach and lingering fragrance. Concentrates dissipate much more quickly than smoke from flower for example, so the smell doesn’t hang around. 

Enhanced flavor- concentrates offer enhanced flavor so you can experience a more intense, authentic, and unadulterated taste, enhancing the experience.

Quick results- Due to the concentrated presence of THC and cannabinoids, the weed concentrate gives more discerning results than other alternatives. Whether you want a faster high or experience quick relief from conditions like pain, nausea, or any other health-related concern, dabbing cannabis concentrate is the way to go.

Unveiling Concentrates Categories

At White Rabbit Cannabis, our commitment to providing a diverse experience is reflected in our range of products. From Flowers to edibles and tinctures to topical products, our diverse range is designed to cater to varying needs. When it comes to concentrates, we offer two main sub-categories: Concentrate and Moon Rock.

The Concentrate serves as the foundation for the primary product range, offering potent but refined forms of Cannabis to cater to various preferences and deliver varying effects. Infused Moon Rock, on the other hand,  combines premium cannabis flower with concentrated oil and kief. The combination results in a powerhouse of potency and flavor that pushes the boundaries of conventional cannabis consumption.

Marijuana Concentrates Strain Types

Just like the search for premium experiences is a never-ending journey for Cannabis enthusiasts, we are also always on the lookout to add more varieties to our range and provide our users with unique experiences. Our range of concentrates spans a wide array of strain types:


Cannabis Indica

The Indica, one of the two primary Cannabis types, is known for its relaxing and soothing effects. Its strain is a popular choice for individuals looking to unwind after a long day. White Rabbit Cannabis Indica concentrates offer a calming escape with their relaxing and soothing effects. Use it at night or evening to relax or improve your sleep.



Cannabis Sativa

Want an uplifting or energizing kick? We have just the thing for you. The Sativa strain usually offers an uplifting effect. It predominantly contains a substantial amount of limonene content, which is known widely for its mood-enhancing qualities in contrast to the Indica strain, which is more inclined to induce a sense of drowsiness. Our Sativa concentrates inspire creativity and vitality into every session.


The Hybrid weed concentrates embrace the best of both worlds and combine elements of Sativa and Indica to create a versatile yet balanced mix. In some cases, one strain may be more dominant. White Rabbit Cannabis Hybrid concentrates cater to a varying range of user preferences. 

Sativa Hybrid and Indica Hybrid

Our drive for innovation is showcased in our Indica and Sativa Hybrid concentrates. These fine blends offer unique experiences that display the effects of their parent strains.


Renowned worldwide for its therapeutic benefits, White Rabbit also recognizes the potential and brings to you CBD concentrate that is ideal for individuals seeking relief without any psychoactive impact. These concentrates are meant to promote balance and wellness. 

Cannabis Wax and Wax Concentrates

Cannabis wax is the shining star in the world of cannabis concentrates. It is widely known for its potency and versatility and is a favorite among the more experienced users.

Our wax concentrates offer a full spectrum of flavor and a strong impact on the user. Whether you enjoy them on their own or use them in combination with other products, you are bound to experience the essence of premium cannabis consumption.

Cannabis Wax Concentrates For Alleviating Conditions

It is important to note that premium cannabis wax has substantial THC concentration. Moreover, dabbing transforms the substance into vapor and reduces the risk of lung damage usually associated with smoking, as there is no combustion. 

You may experience an instant onset of high after dabbing. Many customers report prefer using wax concentrates to alleviate conditions like insomnia, appetite disturbance, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, etc. They report the rapid impact hence ensures quick relief, thereby enhancing the appeal of dabbing wax concentrates as an effective method to manage various ailments. This is anecdotal feedback, so please consult with your health professional if you have any questions about using concentrates for ailments.

Premium Concentrates in Seattle at White Rabbit

Seattle holds a special place as the flourishing hub of cannabis culture, where White Rabbit is the premium provider of concentrates. Featuring a wide array of brands, our dedication to sourcing and curating the finest concentrates is driven by the urge to cater to the diverse tastes of the Seattle cannabis community. 

Whether you are seeking a mood booster or for some calming therapy, our selection of Cannabis concentrates promises a satisfying journey.

Buy Cannabis Concentrates near you

Looking to buy concentrates near you? Our White Rabbit Cannabis premium concentrates are accessible through our online store. We feature a wide array of brands and concentrate types, offering a premium, unmatched experience, all just a click away. 

Explore our wide range of Cannabis concentrates and place your order today. You can also contact us for product or price queries. Ordering online insures your selection will be held up to 24 hours to make pick up more convenient. 

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