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Dose Concentrates

Dose Concentrates never disappoint. I can tell you from experience how delectable these oils from DOSE taste.

Activated THC Dose Concentrates In Syringes

When I tried one of their Syringe’s as a sample I was going to a parade in the summer, so smoking wasn’t an option. Good thing Dose Concentrates makes activated THC hash oil syringes. (Aka RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil)
I used it as an edible, putting it under my tongue and letting it sit there as long as I could stand… Then taking a drink of a regular lemonade to wash out the slight cannabis taste. Then I waited in excitement.

That Dose Concentrate Feeling

Soon enough the parade was starting and I was flying high! This is only one ingestion/inhalation method you have to choose from with DOSE products! Not only can you eat from the syringe, you can also smoke the oil inside them using a dab rig or a pen/coil combo.
Maybe that’s too much work, no worries we also have a variety of cartridges you can pick from. Whatever path you want to take, DOSE has a way to get there for you!

Dose Concentrates Currently In Stock

White Rabbit currently has a range of Dose Concentrate products. We have Sour Tsunami cartridges, as well as Koffee Breath, and Chemdawg. Also check out their great topical and their dabs.


Order Dose Concentrates Online too

Just letting you all know that we have online ordering available now! This comes in really handy during the Covid 19 restrictions. We can get your order filled quickly and no worries about keeping a proper distance or having to wait in line.

Check out all our specials!

Happy Apple

Spring is here! And along with it comes the bounty of mother earth!
Thankfully you don’t have to grow and squeeze your own apples to have some Cider, all you have to do is stop by White Rabbit and pick up a couple bottles of Happy Apple. Their ciders taste freshly squeezed and add a little more punch than your normal apple cider. Its still a little chilly out so if a warmer drink is in mind, try heating up normal apple cider, then add a serving of Happy Apple to add some pizzazz!



Cannaburst are wonderful; I literally can’t get enough of these little delicious candies! Cannaburst has delectable flavors to choose from, but my all time favorite is their Grape.

Now ya’ll, I’m not a grape ‘flavor’ lover.

Most candies I’ve tried just taste so icky that I spit it out almost instantly. CannaBurst has done Grape right by making it taste exactly like old school 90’s Koolaid, where you know there’s more sugar than water in that jug. But in a tasty bite-sized piece? Perhaps far too tasty for my own good.

I highly suggest these candies for the strong willed because it really is hard to eat just one. There’s a Lemon flavor that’s super refreshing. The Watermetastes better than the gum. Pineapple is so cool that you can imagine it with any pina-colada.  Mango tastes fresh picked, and so many more!

With their ever growing list of flavors, you’re bound to find something for everyone at a pace that is comfortable as well! These babies are easy to cut in half to make last longer as well! I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy yourselves with these amazing candies.

Sitka Prerolls


Sitka prerolls, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure at first if I would like these joints.  I’ve heard about their Hash because we’ve had it in the store longer than I have been here.

Their premium Hash is as close to hash you can get across seas with how its made, how it looks and feels. But I wasn’t as impressed  just by  the looks of them, Then I smoked a couple of the Sitka Lebanese Gold’s, and I was happily impressed.

Super smooth, the hash was kind on my throat and I didn’t feel the need to cough excessively. The Gold is their Sativa label and was a nice mental boost for the rest of the night. I would imagine that their Red label would be chill and bodily relaxing for even seasoned partakers!  We also have their creme d’la creme – Sikarillo’s in either Lebanese Red , Lebanese Gold , and Cascade Cream options.

These big time super joints are rolled in a sheet of Lebanese hash, that’s glued “liberally” to half a gram of premium flower with pure co2 distillate oil! Not only do we have these amazing hash rolls from Sitka we have a couple of their other lines of joints as well!

Fresh & Terpy have Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid options that have been coated with Terp-enhanced distillate and dusted with a dry shift. These little dudes aren’t playing around! Thursday’s are the best day’s for joint lovers!


Food Drive

We have a food drive going on to help families in need. We donate the food to Edmonds Food Bank for distribution. These are crazy times and people need help so let’s do our part!

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