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Blueberry Punch | IndoCart | Review

blueberry punch indocart

Blueberry Punch from INDOCART adds plant derived terpenes to a powerful distillate cannabis extract. Admittedly, I am pretty hard on this practice. Plenty of candy is flavored with natural terpenes extracted from plants. That doesn’t necessarily mean a watermelon or strawberry flavored candy actually tastes like either of those things.

Tasting Blueberry Punch Cartridges from INDOCART

So, I am always a bit jaded about how to review flavored distillate carts, and the blueberry punch from INDOCART is no exception. Right away, the strain name is going to set up that expectation… Does it actually taste like not just blueberries, but the actual cannabis strain? Namely – blueberry punch.

(This is why I am always a fan of brands like LeafWerx that focus on preserving original terps)

The Issue With Flavored Distillate Cannabis Cartridges

Because extractions involve solvents, heat, and intense pressure, alone or in combination to remove and or isolate various terpenes, the process naturally impacts the fragile terpenes. Also, some of the less prominent terpenes are lost entirely. “Entourage Effect” doesn’t just apply to the mental and physical effects, but also to the flavor profile.

Trying Blueberry Punch On A Clearly Spin Pro

INDOCART recommends using their carts on a Jupiter Research CCell vape battery. For this taste test, I use the Clearly Spin Pro. Nothing against the Jupiter Research vape, but do not have one handy. Fortunately, the Spin Pro has adjustable voltages which is quite handy.

Especially when it comes to taste tests…

Nothing worse than a battery that is too hot ruining that first taste and causing the back of your throat to feel like you just drank battery acid.

The flavor is mellow, not too heavy on the caryophyllene terpenes that typify “blueberry” flavor notes. In fact, I am pleasantly surprised that there is still a cannabis flavor quality enhanced by the myrcene and limonene.

What Is Blueberry Punch Strain?

Blueberry punch strain crosses the legendary blueberry with Romulan, which derives from White Rhino and Cali Indica. So, holding up the uniqueness of the strain sets a high mark to achieve. An indica dominant strain, blueberry punch might leave you feeling like someone spiked the punch bowl at the office party. Don’t worry, you are all good unless you start dancing on tables with a lampshade on your head.

Nothing wrong with it, but just don’t get behind the wheel.

INDOCART Cartridges

The INDOCART cartridge works great, even when I am using a magnetic adapter to connect on the Spin Pro. The hits come through smoothly, without any difficulty or distraction. The cartridge has a heft to it, but of course always handle with care. Even the best made cartridges sometimes fail through no fault of their own. Pockets always have a way of destroying them.

Final Thoughts

INDOCARTS do a nice job. Many cannabis distillates don’t taste good to me. If there is a chemically taste, or anything that reminds me of licking tar paper, then forget it. Fortunately, that is not an issue. The blueberry punch doesn’t go so far off the rails that it loses all trace of cannabis. Some might like that, but for me, I want to know that marijuana comprises part of the ingredients.

Decent flavor, and at 85% THC, this cart is nothing to scoff at. The high is pleasant, and not overwhelming after four puffs.  Doesn’t last long which convenient in this case – because there are no lightshades handy and I forgot to wear my dancing shoes.

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