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Clearly Cartridges

Clearly Cartridges are obviously not just clear and not just cartridges, but also potent high quality cannabis vape carts. Clearly focuses on highly purified THC oils, but not at the expense of the cannabis derived terpenes.

clearly cartridges

The Clearly Cartridge Distillate Difference

With any processing and extraction of cannabis oils, there is a downside. Unfortunately, the wonderful terpenes responsible for the “entourage effect” are removed to create higher THC levels. Clearly distillates counter that by reintroducing the terpenes back into the oil. So, you get higher THC but not at the expense of lost flavor or added effects.

Memorial Day Specials

Today is the last day of our Memorial Day specials. Take advantage of some great sale prices and be sure to order online so you can reserve ahead because these are moving fast.

  • Starseed One gram preroll $2.50
  • Avalanche 2 x .5 gm preroll $6.50
  • Soulshine Rose Petal joints $14.50
  • Sweetwater Primus flower gram $9.50
  • Royal Garden flower grams $4.50
  • Harmony Farms .5 gram cartridge $25
  • Avalanche 1 gram cartridges $34
  • Oil Tycoon dabs 1 gram $22.50
  • Pinnacle Dabs 1 gram $19 and $25


Green Revolution Tinctures


Green Revolution tinctures deliver THC and CBD in various ratios with a variety of tinctures. With water based tinctures, Green Revolution also caters to those who must avoid any sort of alcohol. A great buy today for 15% on all their tinctures.

Canna Burst


Canna Burst fruit chews are soft taffy chews infused with cannabis. They come in a variety of flavors. You know they must be doing something right because this is one of our most popular edibles.


Road Tripping Prerolls


Road Tripping prerolls are new to the shop. I personally haven’t tried them yet, but they passed the budtender taste test. Let us know what you think and feel free to leave a review on the site!

Fairwinds Topicals

Fairwinds not only specializes in tinctures, but also they do a fine job with topicals. The Fairwinds line of topicals include oils to aid transmission through the skin. So they are designed to work – another great smokeless method of enjoying cannabis!

flow topical cbd cream


Food Drive

As long as people are still struggling with covid-19 restrictions, White Rabbit will keep the food drive rocking. So, please bring in a can or box of food for Edmonds Food Bank and get 5% off your order. The discount cannot be combined with items already on sale. However, use it for everything else and save more than just some bucks!

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