Titanic Sale 15% Off This Week:

Our prices on these products are sinking like the Titanic did 112 years ago this month. Save 15%.

Prohibition Infused Pre-roll Ice Cream Sundae Pink
Prohibition Infused Pre-Roll 1g Ice Pick
Peak Pre-roll 1g 3pk Ice Cream Cake
Slab Mechanix Shatter Ice Cream Sandwich
Cosmos Concentrate Ice Cream Cake #2
Ray’s Beverage Iced Tea Lemonade
Peak Flower Ice Cream Cake
Silica Phoenix Flower Ice Cream Sundae
Western Cultured Flower Ice Cream Cake
Dose Bar Distillate Disposable Cartridge Ice Cream Sandwich

Every Day Deals On Cannabis Products

Every day there is a way to save at White Rabbit Cannabis. These are our regular 15% off daily specials.

Sunday is Dabs Day
Monday is Pre-rolls Day
Tuesday is Senior Discount Day
Wednesday is Top Shelf Flower Day
Thursday is Beverages Day
Friday is Tinctures and Topicals Day
Saturday is Edibles Day

Rise and Shine Specials 8:30 – 10am

These are the 10% off Rise ‘N Shine category specials for those early birds who like to catch a deal in the morning!

  • Monday: Seniors & Vape Cartridges
  • Tuesday: Edibles
  • Wednesday: Topicals, Tinctures, Capsule
  • Thursday: Dabs
  • Friday: Pre-rolls
  • Saturday: Top Shelf Flower
  • Sunday: Drinks

About Our Weekly And Daily Cannabis Specials

White Rabbit Cannabis features weekly, daily cannabis specials and seasonal sales deals throughout the year. We also feature a bargain bin where you can find the steepest discount allowed in Washington. Please keep in mind that sales deals only apply to existing inventory. Once we run out, then we are out.

Also, all sales items already discounted cannot be combined with other sales deals to “stack” the discount. However, you can take advantage of additional sales on any remaining items per any other discount offers that may apply.

Donate To The Food Bank

White Rabbit Cannabis offers a long running food bank drop off location serving the Edmonds Food Bank. If you donate a food item, then we offer a 5% discount on your entire order for items not already on sale.


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