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Orgrow Infused Prerolls

Orgrow infused prerolls are joints coated in their ethanol extracted cannabis oil.

Orgrow Infused Prerolls

The Orgrow infused prerolls differ from most others infused joints. Orgrow not only rolls premium flower joints, but also coats them in their ethanol extracted hash oil.

Orgrow infused prerolls

Sale today on Orgrow infused prerolls

Today come into White Rabbit Cannabis and enjoy a 15% discount on all Orgrow infused prerolls. Right now, some great strains sit on the shelves so get them while supplies last. FInd Afghan Cookies, Pink Lemonade, and Star Fighter. We also have The Candy, which is a sativa hybrid. These also come in two half gram double joint packs.

Why ethanol for Orgrow infused prerolls?

Ethanol is as safe to use as co2 but captures the full spectrum of the terpene profile as well as butane or any of the other hydrocarbon based solvents work. Using ethanol is also environmentally more conscientious. Done correctly, like Orgrow, you reach even more, getting a more completel spectrum of the cannabinoids and terpenes. You can read more about the differences in this article.

July 19

15% Off large quantities Agrijuana

Save on everything from 1/4oz to a full oz from Agrijuana

July 19

Pinnacle Cannabis Featured Farm 15% OFF

White Rabbit welcomes Pinnacle Cannabis as a new vendor with a nice sale on everything we have from them.

July 20

15% Off Hazy Daze concentrates!

The Caterpillar personally picks the concentrates he likes best to go on special every Sunday. And he is definitely picky about it! This week save on Hazy Daze concentrates.

July 21

15% OFF Special K Glass

Every piece by Special K Glass is special because it is entirely unique. They make the bongs that special occasions special.

20% off Island Gro in July!

Save big on all the flower from Island Gro in July! Their bud tastes great and already came at a great rate. Taking a 20% discount extra just made it even better.

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