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Wild Mint Topicals | Review

Wild Mint Topicals, review by Kali
Wild Mint is just another one of our amazing topical vendors who like to jam pack as much goodness as they can into their products, with multiple different items that help with an even greater array of needs. I was lucky enough to try the Wild Mint CBD rub.

Tips for Wild Mint Topicals

Being a balm I would store it in a cooler spot, but it went on smooth and a little buttery at room temp. It’s summer time, so looking just north of 70 degrees. Now, un-lucky for me, I turned out to be allergic to one of the ingredients – Not the cannabis of course – But one of the herbs. Mint. Most people aren’t going to have that issue. On the bright side though, aside from the light itch, I noticed a significantly less pain in my neck and shoulders.

The scent of relaxation

It was soothing and the scent was light and herbal. I asked everyone who came to the White Rabbit shop if they would like to try it and give me their feedback. Especially people with lots of standing up jobs like Hair Stylist or a Chef. People with jobs that leave you sore at the end of the day. They tried Wild Mint topicals and now they’re begging me for more!

The relief they felt in their muscles made a difference in their evening. Each one of them commented back about how nice it was to be able to move easier.

More than one Wild Mint Topical

The CBD Balm isn’t their only beneficial balm.  We have their Chill Balm, menthol crystals & peppermint cool and sooth the afflicted area. Then their proprietary herbal blend and cannabis relieve pain and inflammation. The Chill Balm can even be used as a natural alternative to vapor rub.

Lastly, we have their Muscle and Joint Balm. This balm has a warming blend, combining the power of cayenne, ginger, and cinnamon to soothe away stress while arnica and herb oil works with the power of cannabis to increase circulation. At the same time, their is a decrease inflammation in muscles and joints.

On topical, something for everyone

Wild Mint has a wide range of products that are not limited to balms, they also have a Rest Body Butter, that will make your evening routine more relaxing than before! A scentless lotion called Plain Jane that has all the benefits the CBD Balm. It comes in a creamy lotion that is very easy to apply. We also have Wild Mint’s Help; a natural headache relief roll on that packs a powerful combo of cannabis full plant extract, magnesium, and essential oils. This one is designed to help sooth and ease away even the nastiest of headaches.

wild mint canna

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