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Lemon OG | Red Frog | Review

Lemon OG from Red Frog Cannabis showcases the classic OG Kush variation. Red Frog takes on the challenge of doing a well known strain, although some are more familiar with it by another name, “presidential kush”. By any name, OG kush strains are like the godfather and bedrock of so many hybrids. Pretty much every strain on the planet pays genetic homage to it.

What is lemon OG strain?

Earning the status of “presidential”, lemon OG earned the popular vote early on by being a great variation on OG Kush. The original lemon OG crossed Las Vegas Lemon Skunk with OG kush. Originally, the strain tasted more diesel than lemon, but growers have pushed the more lemony phenotype. Red Frog seems to be on the path to returning the strain to form.

Red Frog’s Lemon OG

With Red Frog, you can count on a few things regardless of what strain it is. They do a fine job with the cure and the manicure. The buds are not too dry or too wet. The buds are not over-trimmed, nor beaten up and frost free. You can also count on pesticide free and organically grown. In this case, this version of the strain hybrid smokes very smoothly with no harsh after burn or chemically aftertaste.

Is lemon og used for medical marijuana?

In fact, presidential kush as it is also known goes way back as one of the original medical strains. Although it does tend to be light on the CBD side of the ratio, this strain maintains a great rep as a medical strain. Lemonene terpenes tend to be good for inducing appetite, but it is also relaxing. So many consider it a great strain for stress too.

Lemon skunk and OG kush

OG kush of course is one of those strain hybrids at the heart of so many strains. It almost seems like the modern era of hybrids began with OG Kush. But skunk goes back even farther. Destiny naturally brought them together. On the OG side, you get the hash and spice notes, while on the skunk side the diesel and lemon notes prevail. Red Frog’s take on it brings out the hash and the diesel more than the lemon and spice.


Potency tends to be north of 20% THC and Red Frog’s sits at 23%. I felt the buzz come on fairly quickly with a warm and cozy body buzz that settled into a nice dreamy yet not sleepy vibe. As indica leaning hybrids go, this is not your fluff the couch pillows and take a nap variety. This is more like lock in for the ride and enjoy.

(availability varies so check our site or ask a White Rabbit Cannabis budtender if we have it in stock)

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