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Blue Dream | Spady Bud | Review

Blue Dream strain from Spady bud brings out all I love about this classic strain, which is a sativa leaning hybrid. The parent strains blueberry and haze lifted it into legendary status on their own merits. But, the take on the classic by Spady hits all the right marks. Great fruity berry flavors, a touch of clementine citrus and northern pine, then smooth and comforting. Alert, yet tranquil.

Who has the best blue dream?

It is hard not to have tried the blue dream strain. As popular strains go, it tops more than a few lists. In fact, this and green crack kind of set the bar for great sativa hybrids. Now, so many either nod knowingly in appreciation, or find themselves comparing strains to it as a measure of greatness.

Happy to say, having tried many different producers takes on it, Spady Bud delivers the goods and makes great on a promise. This is high quality with an emphasis on high.

What is blue dream strain like?

This dense and well cured bud from Spady smokes beautifully. A magic carpet ride over a lush emerald rain forest, clouds shaped like white rabbits hopping gently by on bouncing breezes. Your tongue feels like you licked a velvet Elvis painting.

Do not be alarmed. That is just those colorful terps coating your tongue and painting in rich flavor. Purple sweetness, dapples of piney sour tang, like a spruce tree that magically grows lemons too.

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