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White Rabbit Cannabis of Lynnwood WA

Featuring A Huge Selection Of Marijuana Grown To The Highest Organic Gardening Standards

We take pride in seeking out growers, producers, and processors in Washington because we  care about quality. Therefore, we want marijuana producers who have certain standards we hold near and dear. So, grown in soil, or harvested from hydroponics, indoors or out, we look for marijuana cultivated with love. Now, that means looking for certain kinds of growers. Significantly, we showcase those who pride in raising the standards of organic farming. Indeed, we celebrate the growers not just trying to make a quick buck in the Green Rush. Furthermore, we wish to represent the best standards of cannabis cultivation and processing. Carefully grown, pesticide free, usually hand trimmed, never rushed through the curing process, that is what we love. Because, the best weed is produced by people that love the plant. Also importantly, they care about the consumer, and usually hold the highest ethical standards.

If you have any questions or wish to make a suggestion or request for a specific farm or any particular canna product, then let us know! We always listen to our customers because we care about their opinion. Hence, our budtenders pride themselves on listening to what customers really want. For us, it is never about “pushing” sales. We want to honor our customers and grow the relationship with as much care and love as our producers have for their cannabis!