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Honey Creek Reserve Cannabis Review

Honey Creek Reserve produces top shelf premium cannabis. It is only found in a handful of WA weed shops, including White Rabbit Cannabis.

Honey Creek Reserve | Grown Naturally

Introducing Honey Creek Reserve (HCR), a Tier 1 producer that specializes in growing top-quality cannabis using only natural methods. HCR is a new addition to White Rabbit and is sure to become your go-to brand. Their farm is entirely organic and pesticide-free, and every plant is carefully tended by hand from the moment it is planted until it reaches the shelf. HCR uses a special technique that involves wild fermentation and probiotic-rich organic nutrients to give each strain a unique and exceptional flavor and aroma that cannabis enthusiasts will adore. Not only does HCR’s approach result in an excellent taste and scent, but it also provides amazing effects with every strain.

From time to time, the White Rabbit gets a new farm or strain that catches the attention of both our customers and staff. Typically, only one or two strains create a lot of excitement, but it’s rare for an entire farm to be so popular that each strain sells out quickly. This particular grower values offering a well-rounded cannabinoid experience, highlighting the true essence of each strain with delicious terpenes that contribute to the entourage effect.

Farm Review vs Strain Review

This review will differ from my previous ones in that I want to introduce you to HCR and their delicious strains rather than focus on the intricacies of each specific strain. While I prefer to dry herb vape my flower to get the purest expression of aroma, flavor, and effects, I also like to try out the pre-rolled joints to test them out. Although the strains are from the same farm and grower, each one has its distinct blend of flavors and aromas, much like you would find in fine wine.

From my experience, HCR’s pre-rolls are made from the best quality flower that is also used in their jars. They don’t compromise on quality by using inferior buds or kief sifting in these pre-rolls. Only the finest quality flower is used, and this is reflected in the taste. The joints were easy to smoke, had a delightful flavor and were rolled perfectly without any uneven burns, all the way to the crutch. As the head grower has told me “I would not roll or sell joints that I would not want to smoke myself”, and it’s that kind of focus on the product that makes HCR one of the best in the business.

While there are several strains at any given time that can be available at a dispensary and equally, if not more, growing at any one farm, I am listing what is available at the White Rabbit Dispensary at the time of this writing. This product is moving fast, and as it is a Tier 1 producer, it’s smaller and takes more time to go from seed to shelf.

Honey Creek Reserve Strains

Although I am not a fan of categorizing strains as “sativa, indica, or hybrid,” I will provide their listed classifications as a framework before detailing the actual effects that I have personally encountered. As I have mentioned in many reviews before, the user experience may vary.

Blueberry Cheesecake (Indica)

Upon experiencing the aroma of this strain, you will undoubtedly confirm your wise decision to purchase it. This strain boasts a berry flavor followed by a musky aftertaste upon exhaling. After just a few inhalations, you will experience the powerful and calming properties of this cultivar. Your mind will begin to unwind, resulting in a blissful, laid-back, and somewhat social mood, especially in the right environment. However, this delightful strain can also be incredibly sedative without any social interaction and you can expect to have a peaceful slumber coming your way.

Strawberry Cherry Gelato (Indica Hybrid)

This cultivar has a delicious flavor that’s reminiscent of sweet candy with nutty and spicy undertones. It offers a full-body high that’s both relaxing and sedative, but you’ll still be able to function. You can expect a boost in mental creativity and euphoria, as well as relief from aches and pains. If you indulge in heavy sessions, you may even experience some psychedelic effects like light tracers and color waves. Which I found quite enjoyable.

Slurricane Pancakes (Sativa Hybrid)

Berry, sweet, and gas all attack your senses at once, providing a euphoric high that starts in the head and enhances mood and creativity. A perfect late-in-the-day strain to hang and chill with friends or just enjoy yourself outside listening to the soundtrack of life. This strain will eventually settle into a body-relaxing high, showing its Slurricane genetics. It is not overwhelming and couch-locking, just a nice release of tension and a feeling of happiness to carry you through your afternoon.

Lemon Sorbet (Sativa Hybrid)

This delicious cultivar offers a pleasant scent of citrus and sweetness, with a subtle hint of berry and gas. You may also notice a spicy aftertaste. The effects of this strain can produce feelings of euphoria, tingling sensations, and a sense of upliftment, eventually leading to relaxation. The high first affects the head and eyes, creating a gentle pressure that feels like a cozy blanket. As time passes, this sensation moves down the spine in a pleasurable and tingly way. Ultimately, this strain will leave you feeling calm, content, and quite stoned.

Lemoncello (Sativa)

This strain has a strong lemon scent and taste, with a hint of spice on the exhale. It contains high levels of limonene, making it a great choice for those who enjoy this flavor and its effects. The cerebral high it provides is energizing and enhances creativity. It’s an ideal daytime strain for social events, outdoor activities, and concerts when taken in moderate amounts. It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and use caution when inhaling larger amounts, as it may cause mild intoxication, slight speech impairment, and slight disorientation.

Honey Creek Cookie (Sativa Hybrid)

There are many hybrid strains that are based on Girls Scout Cookies (GSC), and for a good reason. This particular cut of GSC is unique and you will be able to detect its scent and taste instantly. It has a dank, sweet, earthy aroma and a delightful nutty vanilla flavor that will win you over. When you consume this delicious cut, you may experience increased happiness, sociability, and euphoria. However, be prepared for the possibility of feeling extremely hungry.

Fruit Stripe (Sativa Hybrid)

This strain has sweet tropical fruit and diesel taste and scent, similar to the famous chewing gum with a longer-lasting flavor that lingered for several puffs in my vaporizer. However, if you’re prone to anxiety when smoking high sativa strains, be aware that Fruit Stripe could potentially cause a bad trip. But for those who enjoy psychoactive effects, this cultivar could be a fun ride that intensifies with each inhale.

The Final Puff

As an employee of a dispensary, it’s important that I maintain objectivity. However, our disclaimer clearly states that our reviews are based on the individual reviewer’s opinions. So, as the reviewer, I can confidently say that Honey Creek Reserve deserves to be recognized as the best of 2023. I know its what I will be puffing on when not sampling for reviews.

The quality and care put into their product is impressive, as is the transparency provided regarding the plant’s lifecycle. The head grower is knowledgeable and experienced, and genuinely enthusiastic about sharing his expertise. HCR prioritizes the end result and sharing it with the consumer, rather than solely focusing on profit.

At The White Rabbit, we have a multitude of fabulous farms for you to explore. However, it would be a grave mistake not to procure some Honey Creek Reserve for your smoking pleasure. HCR can be purchased in 4G for $48, 8G for $95, and 1G Pre-Rolls (2x.5) for $12. The cost per gram for HCR is comparable, if not cheaper, than other top-tier, premium brands. Not all strains are available in full flower jars, and some are only available in pre-rolls. Before your visit, we recommend checking our website to see what products are currently available. Alternatively, you can come to our store, and our team will happily help you locate what you require.

Treat yourself to Honey Creek Reserve today, you’ll be glad you did!

~ Until next time my stony friends, stay healthy and always take the “high” ground! ~ TerpzChaser

The Final Puff

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