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Thin Mint GSC

Thin mint GSC is a girl scout cookie lineage strain. Girl Scout Cookies earned a well deserved reputation for potency and many of the derivatives of GSC are quite potent too. Of course, the heritage strains of durban poison and og kush form the basis of so many hybrids, but not all of them are the same.

Thin Mint GSC From Rogue Raven

Rogue Raven Farms provides our strain of the week, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. If you know Rogue Raven, then you know they specialize in genetics and very precise organic cultivation methods. In fact, Rogue Raven Farms cultivates over 100 strains! They do some of the classics, the trending popular ones, and they do the unique hybrids.

Rogue Raven Thin Mint GSC Is Awesome

thin mint gsc from rogue raven

Legal Soda

Legal Soda is on sale for 15% Off on Wednesday! The flavor of Legal Soda is great and the measuring cup top makes setting dosages easy.

Look! There is a White Rabbit on that Grinder… That tool might come in handy when the prerolls run out. Hold on. Does anyone even remember how to actually hand roll a joint? Seems like a lost art but a grinder still comes in handy.

Legit Infused joints on sale for 15% OFF on Thursday!

Those potent distillate coated joints from Legit on sale.

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