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Rogue Raven Farms | Vendor Day 4 to 7pm

Rogue Raven Farms sends reps in today to showcase their products and answer questions.

Rogue Raven Farms Vendor Day 4 to 7 pm

Stop by from 4 to 7pm to learn more about this amazing cannabis producer! Save on all their great strains and find out what makes this farm so unique.

rogue raven farms lemon cheesequake

Growing Variety Of Strains From Rogue Raven Farms

Rogue Raven has over 100 strains that range from the new and popular to the timeless classics and award winning strains. They take great care to produce organic and pesticide free and when you just look at the incredible amount of trichromes on their buds you know that they have a special touch. Rogue Raven is one of those special craft producers that you won’t find everywhere else, but you will find their cannabis at White Rabbit!.

Laughingman Farms

Chernobyl is the strain of the week. Don’t let the name scare you away – the effects are indeed nuclear, but there is nothing radioactive about this great strain… even if it seems to actually glow from the crystals that coat the bright green calyxes

Fainting Goat

Want to get a big quantity of something special? Fainting Goat is another craft producer that doesn’t focus on huge quantities of machine trimmed bud but actually goes that extra mile to produce the kind of artisanal bud that is becoming harder and harder to find. Fainting Goat is another producer you don’t see at every other shop because they focus on high quality.


Stop in on Saturday to enjoy the featured farm Saints! Saints grows the sort of top shelf bud that “resin-ates” high quality.

Dose Concentrates

Sunday come in and save 15% on Dose concentrates!


Top Shelf organic pesticide free cannabis from Saints on sale Saturday, 15% off!

Look! There is a White Rabbit on that Grinder… That tool might come in handy when the prerolls run out. Hold on. Does anyone even remember how to actually hand roll a joint? Seems like a lost art but a grinder still comes in handy.

Rogue Raven Farms

Absolutely stunning cannabis that tastes as good as it looks, and feels as good as it tastes. Stop by and say hello today between 4 and 7pm!


Come by White Rabbit and enjoy smiles and fantastic hard to find anywhere else cannabis. We dedicate ourselves to the highest levels of customer service and offering the highest best cannabis in Washington State. We seek out the strains and the producers that produce limited “cultivated by hand” quantities you won’t see in every other shop. If you have any suggestions for producers or strains or any products then please let us know!

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