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Leafwerx Pax Era Vaporizers

Leafwerx Pax premium vaporizer is easily one of the coolest vape pens I ever used. Aside from the fact you can play games (using its bluetooth connection), the cartridges seem to last forever and a day! Guys, I had this one cart for easily over a month, using it almost daily for stress and boy did it help!

Leafwerx Pax Vaporizer

I highly recommend picking up the Leafwerx Pax pen and a Suzi Q CBD cart. We also have other strains. Our current LeafWerx inventory includes Black Afghani Rose, Berry White, Candy Apple, Citrus Sap, and Chocolate Hashberry.

leafwerx logo

Sub-Ohm is literally the future in vaping cannabis oil. It dabs like a champ with tasty clean hits and carries their flavor all the way into the reclaim. Also, make any recipe into an edible delight. The oil is activated so go ahead and mix it into any recipe. A salad dressing, a sauce, in a drink, whatever you can think of. This is a handy and versatile oil.

Green Revolution

There are many reasons to use a good cannabis Tincture. The feedback we get from customers includes helpingĀ  insomnia, appetite stimulation, aches and pains, stress, and headache relief. Most importantly though, a tincture provides a non inhalation method of ingestion. Also, it is fast acting and controlling dosage is easy.

Green Revolution has a tincture I use every night called ‘Beauty Sleep’. Now I can’t attest for its ability to make one appear more attractive, but I can tell you it is a great sleep aid! It contains this unique blend of THC, CBD, and CBN. This provides the perfect combination my body needs to get a full night’s sleep.

Green Revolution recommendation

I always recommend to try this product out on a weekend so you can figure out your body’s dose. Not only is getting to sleep easier, but getting back to sleep is easier too. Get ready to wake up refreshed!

Guy’s, that’s only one of their tinctures! They also have different ratio’s, such as 1:1, 2:1 5:1, even a 250:1 tincture, with higher levels of CBD than THC over all.

Maybe all you want is a fun ride, less medical and more recreational? Green Revolution has a Journey Tincture and a Paradise Tincture too. How dang thoughtful of them!


Ceres Edibles

What can’t Ceres do? You make hard candies, you make gummies, you make chocolates and caramels… You make it easy as taking candy from a budtender to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The Fruit Chews are a delicious little square of fun that bursts with flavor and an easy going high, and sometimes we get their mixed fruit bag, because having choices is almost as much fun as the gummies themselves. There’s a plethora of chocolates to choose from, Mint, Milk, Cookies and Cream, a CBD Blend, and a bag with a little bit of each flavor.

ceres edibles

My personal favorite is their chocolate caramel Dragon Balls; a fun little caramel with a hint of ghost pepper to add a little heat to balance out the sweet. For those classic cravings we also have Ceres Malt Balls, a little crunch of chocolate and toffee that is just as tasty frozen as the original treat. (Just don’t forget the more adult fun packed inside.)

Last but not least we have thier Nut Balls; Milk chocolate covered Macadamia Nutts, a little too easy to eat more than one I must say. You have so many choices today with our Ceres Edible Daily Special, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Dream City prerolls

Once again, we can ~Dream a little Dream~ of amazing joints! That’s right everyone, as promised we have Dream City Joints back in the store! Yes, they came back a little more expensive, but they also came back Full Flower.

You thought their Sugar Leaf joints were snazzy, can you imagine how they’ll feel and taste with actual bud being ground into those joints? Their Gorilla Glue is my absolute favorite phenotype of the strain. Its stony high glues me to my chair and clears away any last stress that might wound me up through the day.

If you need something even harder hitting, I highly recommend their strain Candy Breath. This strain made me go from “heck yes I’m going to cook this meal” to “It’s a cereal night guys, sorry”. In short, I didn’t want to do anything after smoking that joint, stopped me dead in my tracks for the rest of the evening.

Definitely a strain that is for experienced Indica partakers. We also have their Poison Fruit, and Mandarin Cookies, groovy hybrids that are as unique as you are!

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