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Northwest Leaf features The Caterpillar!

Our very own Craig, aka “The Caterpillar”, Kimball takes center stage in Northwest Leaf this month. With a featured article in the prestigious publication, Craig gains recognition as “budtender of the month”. Of course, we all know calling Craig a budtender is like simply calling Einstein a scientist.

Northwest Leaf recognizes Craig Kimball

Craig comes from many years of growing experience and has a profoundly deep knowledge of the industry. He has grown organic cannabis for over thirty years. Developing his own strains, formulating his own soils, and cultivating relationships with other growers, gives him profound insights into cultivation.

As part of the White Rabbit Cannabis family, Craig has been there since before the store even opened. Along with Bruce White, Craig is responsible for the incredible selection of boutique cultivars. Always seeking the most unique strains and products, Craig provides us with the best of the best.

About Northwest Leaf

Northwest Leaf is a magazine covering the cannabis scene across the country. It started in the pacific northwest but continues to grow. Because it focuses on local scenes, the magazine stays relevant to it local markets.

northwest leaf craig kimball article

The Caterpillar knows

If you are familiar with our Sunday specials on concentrates, then you know The Caterpillar. Craig chooses the best dabs, waxes, sugars, and more. He curates the best extracts based on taste, potency, and extraction method.

Also, Craig possesses a world of knowledge and experience growing cannabis organically. He actually created his own special worm casting fertilizer to grow his own personal use plants. So when he speaks with growers, he knows the questions to ask.

The things that matter

Craig knows what makes truly great flower. From the feeding, through the flush, to the cure, great weed is a painstaking process. To do it right, you have to pay attention to detail. Hence, the “Caterpillar” nickname. Because slow and deliberate is the best way to end up with a quality bud.

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