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Red Congolese | Green Bluff

Red Congolese is a landrace strain recreated by Green Bluff Greenhouse. It is a potent sativa.

Red Congolese

Strain of the Week

Green Bluff Greenhouse

Red congolese from Green Bluff comes from a few landrace sativas so sativa lovers rejoice. This powerful sativa rocks big spice and savory flavor to deliver a euphoric mind and body buzz.

Find A Great Sativa In Red Congolese

Red congolese celebrates the origins of the world’s best sativas from Africa and Mexico, perfect for the week ending on 4/20! Save 15% all week long!

Monthly Special

This month features Mt Baker Gardens for 20% off all month long! While supplies last so get in while you can to try some Original Glue and 5th Element. Mt Baker Gardens grows top shelf organic cannabis.

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Deadheads invented “420”

Grateful Dead fans, known as “deadheads”, bring love, peace, and great cannabis to the world over. However, one of their best contributions involved coining the term “420” as an expression of celebration for cannabis. In 1971 a group of college students would meet at 4:20 to go smoke weed, hike, and search for a patch of pot rumored to grow in the hills by their campus.

The term stuck as it grew in the Grateful Dead community where it became code for time to enjoy cannabis.

Today, the term and the date 4/20 celebrates cannabis culture around the world. So, listen to some crunchy jams, spark one up, and love your friends and family in the true spirit of peace, love, and great cannabis! (You don’t have to be a Deadhead, but it doesn’t hurt)

420 specials

April Month Long Special

Mt Baker Gardens

All month long save 20% on these producers amazing organic marijuana. They take their cultivation very seriously; very passionate about best organic practices and environmentally sustainable growing techniques.

Green Bluff Greenhouse

Specializing in landrace sativas like Red Congolese, Green Bluff Greenhouse come in wonderfully unique jars. They exemplify small batch boutique cultivators.

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