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Custom Glass Bongs

Custom glass bongs? That’s a great idea! Stressing on finding that perfect gift for your perfect friend or family member? Well stress no more! Through the month of December, White Rabbit is having its annual special on all our glass!

Custom Glass Bongs On Sale

We showcase many glass artists in our store to choose from; also, check out multiple bits-and-ends to complete anyone’s wish list. Solve all your custom glass bongs, metal, and other paraphernalia needs here! With artists and names like AntiMatter Glass and Special-K, how can you go wrong?

Stop by any time and check out outstanding locally blown art. All custom glass bongs blown in Washington state, so we represent the best of Washington. Select glass marked down 20% of even more all month long. (You know a custom glass bong is the perfect gift too…)

Can’t wait to see you here at White Rabbit this December!

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Daily Specials At White Rabbit

Sunday  1st –   Pura Vida Concentrates will be 15% off

Breath in a breath of pure life with Pura Vida Dabs and Concentrates! Pura Vida OG provides outstanding and relaxing body high. Check out their bright and sunny Clementina for a great start to any morning. Taste a new strain called Mama’s Mix!

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but my coworkers love it! Super smooth and highly effective. Give these top shelf dabs a chance, and at a price point that your wallet appreciates!

Monday 2nd  –   Flexall 420  will be discounted 15%

Flexall420 text – Looking for a topical that will ease away muscle and joint pain? Maybe something minty to help sooth discomfort, or a lavender to help relax? Well we have a topical for you my friend!

I’ve had the pleasure to try this amazing cream before. I bought the Lavender one because I love that scent in general, so I figured, why not? Let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed.

This cream, though a little tacky to the touch and a tad oily, worked wonders on my knees after moving and packing furniture all night. Just a quick rub of Flexall, maybe two layers for extra measure, and I’m good to go! I’d definitely give this topical a chance while it’s on sale.

Tuesday 3rd  – Green Revolution Wild Side Drinks discount 15% off

Even on a cold day, there’s nothing more satisfying than a nice refreshing drink to quench an insatiable thirst. What better way to kill two birds with one delicious stone than by getting a cold, refreshing Wild Side drink?

WildSide drinks have a light airy flavor that is a lovely enhancement to any moment. The tantalizing body high soothes with tranquility! I highly suggest one of the 10 to 1 ratios for BBQ’s and fun family dinners. It definitely wets the appetite.

While I have you here, I also suggest these lovely drinks when your feeling under the weather. These drinks are a fantastic alternative to smoking. You get the full body high that, in my opinion, helps relax and restore the body.

Wednesday 4th  –  Sinners and Saints Hard Candies discounted 15%

Hard candy, let’s face it, you either get the mixture right, or you don’t. Getting it wrong means tasting the cannabis in an unpleasant way. Perhaps the flavor doesn’t last as long, or its chewy instead of hard.

Sinner and Saints shines as one of the hard candies that we sell the most of. So, even though I haven’t tried them personally yet, I can easily assume that they are good enough to keep buying them for the store. I have a  gentlemen who comes in regularly for the 1:1 CBD:THC ratio Blue Raspberry ones for his own personal aches and pains.

The “old lady” personality comes out in me whenever someone buy’s the butterscotch hard candies from Sinner and Saints. The buttery sweetness is hard to deny. Come give these suckers a try on a day when they’ll cost you even less!

Thursday 5th   –  Orgrow Infused pre-rolls will be discounted 15%

I love that we carry both Orgrow’s delicious oil’s, and their fantastic infused pre-rolls. These lovely little guy’s pack a serious punch with their combination of premium flower and Ethanol Hash Oil.

Some customers say this strikes them as a great replacement for the ever popular Lil’Blazers. They come in similar packaging that’s familiar and easy to transport. However, they pack a much stronger result!

We’ve got the refreshing Pink Lemonade that is a great pick me up for any moment. The Starfighter helps you kick back and relax, and another strain called The Candy rocks! A delicious little hybrid to brighten whatever kind of day you’ve had.

Friday 6th   –    Spady Buds for large quantities

Just like “A sword, a spade, and a thought should never rust” Spady Buds just shouldn’t remain on our shelves!

Far too tasty to keep and must be shared! Their DJ Short Blueberry tastes better than any blueberry strain this Budtender has tried. Big compliment since I love blueberry and taste them all.

So sweet and fruity, like having a blueberry milkshake! Its mellow embrace will wrap you up in a warm joyous hug. And from personal experience this strain has helped settle small tummy troubles that can happen from time to time.

Tried their OG Underdog also and let me tell you it was a very ~fun~ night with my partner in crime… My bed! It was relaxing and chill with a little mischievous thrill for some.

Come over this Saturday and give Spady Buds a try! With prices this sweet, and flower even sweeter, how can you not leave with a smile!

Saturday 7th  –   Kouchlock for featured farm today

Oh my goodness are we happy to have Kouchlock in our store! Not only find ever popular Durban Poison, a wonderful 100% Sativa strain, but also get *drum-roll please*… MAUI WAUI!!!

We’ve been waiting to get our hands on this strain for a hot minute now, and its everything we ever hoped it would be.

Its fruity, its heady, and its fresh. We also have their Indica strain Grape Stomper, a strain I’m told is like the classic Grape Ape. Featured Farm day’s are the best for trying out a little bit of everything from new vendors!

Strain of the week:   15% off Purple AK by Banano Buds

Raise your hand if you’re in pain? Can’t sleep either? Well we’ve got a strain that I would suggest you give a try Try the Purple AK from Banano Buds. This relaxed mellow Indica Hybrid uplifts your spirits and relaxes your body with a more mellow high. Easing your body into a more relaxed state while giving you sweet dreams.

I highly recommend this strain for insomnia and pain management! With parent strains like Grandaddy Purple and AK-47, You know this is going to be an all over body and mind experience!

Bargain Bin reminder : Who doesn’t like saving some coin? Always remember to check out the Bargain Bin when your here, who know’s you might walk out then a better deal than you expected!


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