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Biker Glue strain is a classic indica dominant hybrid.

Biker Glue From Green Rush

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Green Rush

Save 15% all week long on Biker Glue which is an indica dominant hybrid from Green Rush.

About Biker Glue Strain

According to Leafly, Biker Kush is a cross of Hell’s OG and Lucifer strains. Green Rush crossed the Biker Kush with GG#4 to create an excellent hybrid.

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Green Bluff Greenhouse Landrace Strains

Fantastic landrace sativas and very unique strains make this a producer worth trying. Check them out before the end of May!

  • Panama Red – Spicy and floral with a nice fresh buzz. Like discovering a treasure map to the fountain of happy time.
  • Acapulco Gold – Dense, sticky, and pungent. This earthy treat makes a beach of your mind and allows you to tan without burning out.
  • Colombian Gold – Takes the path less chosen, and brings you to a place where flavor and feeling merge into one beautiful vibration.
  • Red Congolese – A legendary strain that has been dutifully resurrected for the sativa lovers of the world.
  • Solace and Thai Stick – haven’t tried these yet but if they are half as good as the others then suffice to say I can’t wait!

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