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Black Diamond Cannabis Concentrates

Black Diamond Cannabis hails from Touchet WA. I guess you could say they have “the touch”.

Black Diamond Cannabis Extracts

Especially considering the variety Black Diamond Cannabis produces. Sugar Crystals. Honey Sugar. Live Resin Sauce. Black Diamond Extracts is calling my name this week!

Ya’ll I’ve tried their Strawberry Jam. It’s the first one I’ve encountered that tastes like Chocolate Strawberry Jam I used to sell at farmers markets. It has a lovely high as well. Completely compliments the sweet flavor by uplifting the spirit and bringing on a bright elevated experience.  This strain reminds me of the day’s when you’d ask for your pp&j with the crust cut off.

black diamond cannabis extracts

Black Diamond Cannabis Specializes In Dabs

Ready for a mystery? Black Diamond’s strain Mystery Girl is just that. This Sativa leaning mystery gets made by buying a multi-bag of seeds without knowing the strains before hand. If that’s a little too much for ya’ we also have Lemon OG and their White Gold Live Resin Diamonds n’ Sauce.

The Lemon OG is a  Indica Dominant Hybrid made by crossing the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and The OG #18. This one is loved for its speedy and forcible effects.

Lastly we have their White Gold Live Resin, where they combine the powers of White Widow and Himalayan Gold. Expect a stain with a perfect energy boost for any lazy day. It encourages you to get up and moving!

Keep An Eye Out For These 15% Off Specials

Every day is a deal that can make your day at White Rabbit Cannabis…



This is the longest ongoing sale we’ve had since I’ve been here, for 3 long months. We’re selling everything we have as far as paraphernalia goes. Beaker Bongs, Special K, Archie’s, Reclaim Catchers, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Shell pipes….

So many different styles of artful ways to enjoy this herb we all love.

Better hurry though, I’ve never seen our shelves so bare of glass, its kind of heart breaking. But at the same time I’m happy because I know they all went good homes. However this means we’ve only so much product left for the sale.

Hurry on over to White Rabbit and take a quick scan of the glass cases. Pick out those odds and ends you’ve been needing since last year, or even a new favorite piece to love the rest of its days!

Green Revolution

There are many reasons to use the benefits of a good cannabis Tincture, sleep insomnia, appetite loss/stimulation, aches, pains, stress… So many more completely justifiable needs for this amazing product. Green Revolution is one the vendors with helpful THC and CBD ratio tinctures. In fact they have a tincture that I use every night called ‘Beauty Sleep’.
Now I can’t attest for its ability to make one appear more attractive, but I can tell you that this unique blend of THC, CBD, and CBN is the perfect combination that my body needs to get a full nights sleep.
I always recommend to try this product out on a weekend so you can figure out your body’s dose. Not only is getting to sleep easier, but getting back to sleep is made more achievable than when I am without it. Get ready to wake up refreshed more frequently!
Guy’s, that’s only one [1] of their tinctures. They also have different ratio’s, such as 1:1, 2:1 5:1, even a 250 tincture, with higher levels of CBD than THC over all. Maybe all you want is a fun ride, less medical and more recreational? Green Revolution has a Journey Tincture and a Paradise Tincture that can take you on whatever path your hoping to take!
Be it for an effective edible, or something to take the edge off of a particular ailment or woe, this vendor has something for you!

Uncle Roaner’s Edibles


Guy’s, I’m a sweets lover. Sweet weed, sweet drinks, sweet eats. One of my all-time favorite candies to get was ocean shores soft saltwater taffy But as soon as they get hard, they aren’t as much fun to chew anymore .

But have no fear, Uncle Roaner’s Taffy is suuuuper soft. I had to squish test a couple of them to be extra sure and they were sooooooooo soft! I can’t wait till I can buy a bag of their Huckleberry Taffy or their Peanut Butter Coffee Taffy!

We also have a Raspberry Cheesecake Taffy that’s selling faster than hot cakes! If your a soft taffy lover like I am, I’d come in today and make use of this wonderful daily special and stock up on your taffy!

Sitka Prerolls


Okay to be honest I didn’t think I’d like these joints. They seem small and from the looks of them they don’t seem that spectacular. I’ve heard about their Hash because we’ve had it in the store longer than I have been here.

Their premium Hash is as close to the hash you can get across seas with how its made, how it looks and feels. But even then I wasn’t so impressed untilI smoked a couple of the Sitka Lebanese Gold’s.

Then I was happily impressed.

They were super smooth, the hash was kind on my throat and I didn’t feel the need to cough excessively. The Gold is their Sativa label and was a nice mental boost for the rest of the night. I would imagine that their Red label would be chill and bodily relaxing for even seasoned partakers!

We have a bunch of different types of Sitka Joints for your pleasure; Their Sitka Unicone in either Sativa – Indica – Hybrid options a really potent roll with a mixture of Lebanese Hashish, distillate, natural terpenes, and a dry sift all rolled up into one unique preroll. Seriously, these joints take you out of this world.

We also have their creme de la creme – Sikarillo’s in either Lebanese Red , Lebanese Gold , and Cascade Cream options. These big time rolls are rolled in a sheet of Lebanese hash, that’s glued “liberally” to half a gram of premium flower with pure co2 distillate oil!

Not only do we have these amazing hash rolls from Sitka we have a couple of their other lines of joints as well! Fresh & Terpy have Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid options that have been coated with Terp-enhanced distillate and dusted with a dry shift. These little dudes aren’t playing around! Thursday’s are the best day’s for joint lovers!

Select Ounces Sale


Come one come all to our first Ounce Sale of the year! Every year we have so many times when we have many of our ounces on special and the time is here!! Come search for your favorite strain and walk away with a smile and change in your pocket!

Fainting Goat, IslandGro, WEED, Spady Buds, Pura Vida, Western Cultured, all with select ounces on special! We’ve got people bee-lining straight to our ounces so you better hurry, we have a limited supply of whats on special!

Hazy Daze Farm of the Day


Hazy Daze has a couple really amazing strains in the house and we couldn’t be happier to have them in here. Their Happy Hikers Haze will keep you going and going and going!

When your done just have a toke or two of their OG’s Pearl for a nice sedative come down from a wonderful day! We’ve got their Psycho Sally, a trippy sativa that is “loud and speedy” in effects! I would imagine getting things done on that strain would be quick but perhaps not as efficient.

Ron Burgundy is a chill, happy strain that can bring on bouts of creativity, where Crazy Glue is the hybrid of the two and is euphoric and relaxed, one might say the most easy going glue we have…

We’ve recently brought in more strains from this grower, Sugar Daddy being one of them! Come visit White Rabbit today for our Featured Farm Day and pick out the strains that sound best for you!


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