Key Lime Chronic

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Key Lime Chronic | Sweetwater Farms

Key lime chronic is a hybrid strain of cannabis.

Key Lime Chronic

Sweetwater Farms

Strain of the Week July 7 – 13

Key Lime Chronic takes off from Girl Scout Cookies and creates a tasty hybrid. With a touch of mint and a bit of lime citrus notes I am surprised that someone didn’t want to call it Mojito but I guess that would be too obvious. In any event, Key Lime Chronic offers a bright and energetic buzz typical of strains with lots of limonene terpenes.

During the week, and while supplies last, get the key lime chronic from Sweetwater Farms for 15% off!

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July 7

15% Off Soulshine Concentrates

The Caterpillar chose Soulshine Concentrates for today’s dab of the day. Soulshine creates exquisite concentrates that rock the terps, test high for thc, and come in strains like their popular Narnia.

July 8

Small Dab Rigs 15% OFF

Save on a dab rig that travels well. Indeed, small dab rigs work best when you are on the go. Why risk that big high end piece you paid a fortune for?

July 9

15% Off Wildside Beverages!

Wildside beverages taste great and mix well if you want to go that direction. They come in a variety of flavors as well as provide a cbd option too. Take a walk on the wildside… just don’t drive after you drink one!

July 10

15% OFF Cannaburst

Delicious little fruit chews that are easy to munch down. Perfect for cannabis lovers that don’t want to inhale to enjoy.

7/10 Concentrates Sale

Store wide sale on all concentrates today, 10% off!

Month Long Special!

Island Gro provides excellent quality at a super great price and this month enjoy all the Island Gro flower for 20% off! While supplies last, and right now we have blueberry, blue dream, dutch treat, purple lemon haze, and shangri-la, but check frequently for updates.

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