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Primus | Sweetwater Farms

Primus from Sweetwater Farms is a wonderful hybrid of 303 kush and Trainwreck. Expect an indica leaning hybrid full of peace and warmth. It delivers a bit of sweet berry notes but isn’t quite as sweet as a blueberry for example. From the trainwreck genetics, expect a dense and lasting buzz.

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June, or Juneuary, as it is more appropriately known in the PNW means cool nights and warms days, with rain never far away. Which is awesome! Bring on the blooms, wrap the world in green, time to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Considering all that is going on, perhaps just taking a moment to savor some Primus and find a moment of introspection and reflection is a good idea.

Then, when we are all well rested, let’s march toward peace on earth and beat the drums of universal love as loud as we can.

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