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Candylandy by Sweetwater Farms

Candyland strain by Sweetwater Farms is reviewed by The Caterpillar.

Candyland by Sweetwater Farms Is SWEET!

Royal courts wear purple and jewels. “This strain is fit for a King”. That’s what I told myself as I peered through the jar at the purple coated buds covered in shiny crystals.

What an amazing sight.

Bud that looks this good, only intensified my anticipation of what the smell and taste of this amazing strain was gonna be like. As I twisted open the lid, I could tell these amazing terpenes couldn’t wait to come out into the world.  A sweet, funky air seemed to fill the room and almost felt like it was sitting next to me, encouraging me to load my grinder with one of these beautiful nugs.

The dense attribute each bud reminded me of little green and purple pieces of cauliflower. I loaded the healthiest bud I could find. The twisting and turning of my grinder top set free more of this strains amazing fragrant profile. As I opened the top, I could have sworn I heard a sweet angelic “ah”, almost as if this strain was given to me by the bud gods themselves.

I sat and talked to the funky-sweetness for a while.

After loading a nice healthy bowl, I sat back and pondered for a moment. How far could I go? They say there’s this place called Candyland. Let’s find out. I sparked a hemp wick. The flame reminded me of the boosters on a Rocket Ship. Here we go. After filling my lungs about halfway, I knew this was no ordinary smoke. I exhaled through my nose to make sure I could fully enjoy the flavor. After taking a couple more tokes, I sat back and softly coughed, which catapulted me further with more flavor.  I was officially off and out.


I must have stopped and picked off a piece of cookie somewhere. Oh and look! There are Candy Bars hanging on the right. I took a bite of one and to my surprise, it had a nice minty end. Suddenly, Nostalgia joined Funky Sweetness and I.  We all laughed and had joyous conversation.

I may have been talking to myself. I don’t know.

Is there a place called Candyland? I’ll let you decide after trying this amazing strain grown by Sweetwater Farms
For me personally, I’m pretty sure I passed by and saw Wonka’s Hat on the way below. I can’t say for sure.

Strain Candyland / Soil
Type Sativa / Granddaddy Purple X Platinum Girl Scout Cookies
Grower Laughing Man Farms / Vashon Island
THC 22.35%
Terpenes 15MG / Caryophyllene / Humulene / Linalool

“How do you run from what’s inside your head?”

The Cheshire Cat

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