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Canna Sutra | Quality Cannabis | Caterpillar’s Review

Canna Sutra is a powerful sativa strain. It is grown from Delta 9 seeds by US Cannabis and currently in stock at White Rabbit.

Canna Sutra by Quality Cannabis

Right now, Canna Sutra stands tall as one of my personal favorite strains. Developed by Delta 9 Labs and grown by Harmon and his crew at Quality Cannabis, this phenotype fires on all cylinders. From the lemony scent, sweet flavor, and unique high, I can only imagine this is just what the breeders had in mind.

The citrus wafts up undeniable as the essence releases from the jar. I think it is less sweet than lemon but sweeter than lime with very evident pine undertones. More like yuzu. The scent profile reminds me of Gin which inspires me to add another level to my strain review by pairing with a cocktail. As is often the case, I had to take one for the team by conducting an experiment using weed and booze to decide which Gin based drink I should make. In the end, I decided on a Gin and Tonic for a summer cooler and a 2:1 Plymouth Gin Martini with an olive, a twist of lemon, and made a tiny bit dirty as a winter to spring warmer.

Delta 9 Seeds of Canna Sutra grown by Harmon

After grinding the flower, I hold the grinder to my nose and carefully open it. I want those newly released terpenes escaping into my nose. It clears my sinuses a bit but leaves a slightly sour flavor on my tongue. My first hit off the vaporizer yields a huge citrusy pine terp sneeze followed by a slightly sweet flavor in my mouth. I take a couple more hits and wait about 5 minutes. Underwhelmed, I elect to take a few more.

I wait about 3 more minutes and realize I am pretty much screwed.

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In Canna Sutra, It appears I have got hold of a creeper

I find myself instantly befuddled, struggling to stay focused. The inside of my spine tingles. I feel very relaxed in my lower back and glutes. Canna Sutra is considered an Indica but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s for sleeping. While the body feels very relaxed and buzzed, the brain gears up into creative overdrive. Perhaps that’s what makes it famous as an aphrodisiac strain, hence the name.

Another interesting note, some report its purported use as an asthma treatment because it helps expand the lung’s capillaries. If I were to guess then I would say it has something to do with the unique very aromatic terpene profile. I recall reading about this too when originally researching this strain long ago before assembling seeds for my medical garden. Worth looking into more, the research has come a long way since then.

Is Canna Sutra A Good Strain?

The Canna Sutra envelops me. I float well into this thing now, and focusing seems a bit of a problem, but the good kind of problem to have. Like having the ability to see seven seconds into the future so I can see crisis coming… but get a few seconds to deal with it.  Its scattered nature reminds me of Caterpillar’s Blue Dream without the energetic nervousness. It took me 45 minutes to make a Martini, but the 45 minutes wasn’t lost to time because I wrote down 245 different variations for a dry Gin Martini. Well maybe not that many, but that is just because I lost count at 244.

The strain goes well with people

I can see this as a good strain for an evening barbeque or social gathering that only require following with a smile wherever the conversations may travel, or better yet… a special night with someone close to you. The sensual rush of the high provides a warm and welcoming loving embrace. So, no matter how far the thoughts range, the pleasant body buzz offers a safe return.

Put that in your bong and smoke it

The weed was not unpleasant when smoked through a bong and the hit was clean with no coughing. I could still taste the lemon, but the burning resin accentuated the pine. I nearly sneezed so there are adequate terpenes to survive the flame. The high comes on faster with a bong but it’s not worth the trade off in flavor if you have a choice.

The nicely trimmed buds are very well ripened with specks of sage-green sugar leaves protruding through a forest of burnt-orange hairs. The texture is soft and pliable from a slow cure. The bud is slightly tacky prior to grinding, but becomes quite sticky after you grind it. In the bong, the ash finished white that leads me to believe it was flushed well and dried properly.

Still going strong.

This is my third night in a row with this strain, and I still find the high perplexing and mysterious. With Reclining Buddha and Sensi-Star as its parents, I would have to say that’s kind of how it makes me feel: relaxed, happy, and content to float in my surroundings. Kudo’s to Harmon and his crew for bringing out the best in this rarely seen strain.

Warm Regards,

The Caterpillar

“ Moderation is the key to all things, except in the case of love or laughter.” – Sterling M. Flint

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