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Top Ten New Hybrid Strain Names

Strain names are getting harder and harder to come by. Either you find every good name taken, or someone sues because the name already locked up under a trademark, copyright, and right of first refusal clause. So, in the spirit of not treading roughshod over an existing trademark, or creating yet another play on “cookies”, we offer the top ten new strain names to hit the shelves.

Top Strain Names To Seek Out Immediately If Not Sooner

Everything these days is a hybrid. Whether it leans sativa, indica, or actually more hybrid than a hybrid makes all the difference. So, names that help you realize what the potential effects lay in store proves very helpful. In this case, a strain like “Lost Keys Couchlock” means don’t bother getting up. You won’t find your keys. Driving right now needs to wait anyway.

Formerly known as “Laze E Boi”, until the original seedbank earned a fat lawsuit, this potent hybrid brings a cross of a hybrid derived from a hybrid. It delivers the goods like a pizza you forgot you ordered earlier.

Top Ten New Hybrids

Without further ado, here are the top ten new hybrid names:

  1. Mama’s Apple Pie – This strain crosses the original apple pie strain with a secret ingredient strain that makes everything taste much better. We suspect it crosses Apple Strudel with Mother’s Love Bone but that is just speculation.
  2. Zip-Itty-Oo-Lala – You might find yourself humming a song after trying this potent hybrid. Just make sure it isn’t the same chord progression as the famous hit by a company that is represented by a mouse that somehow became synonymous with very unwholesome entertainment made to appear family oriented. Still, it makes you want to dance and sing so that isn’t a bad thing per se.
  3. Dancing Bare – This exceptional hybrid makes you want to dance like a naked hippie picking imaginary flower petals out of thin air. Created by a rabid Grateful Dead fan this strain name avoids copyright protections because the terms are used everywhere ubiquitously and no one has enforced the copyrights since the first Kesey Acid Test.
  4. Nutcracker – Don’t ask where or how this strain got its name. Just know that it makes you feel like you slipped off a rail fence and had some trouble on the way down. Great strain for the Xmas holidays though, especially for second, third, and fourth helpings of dinner.
  5. WhiteRabbitude One of the best hybrids out there. Known to elevate the mood, whiten the teeth, and lead to loving obscure shanty songs and dancing jigs.
  6. Willy’s Half Nelson – This strain comes from an obvious cross of Willy’s Jeepster and Trafalgar Squared. Created in Great Britain, the strain colonized quickly around the world and known to induce a superiority complex.
  7. Apolitical Bluesberry – Getting tired of the endless political rants, tirades, and pontifications? Then this is the strain to make you forget to vote. So make sure you put a reminder on your phone and honor your civic responsibilities.
  8. Lemon Hazelnut Cookie Dough Glue #5 – Savor lemony hazel nut with hint of stale cookie dough. This strain might sound like too many hybrids in one, but that’s the point.
  9. Dirtweed – Just when you thought you would never have to buy dirt weed ever again… Along comes a strain to remind you that not everything was good in the good old days. But of course, you still enjoyed it anyways. As the Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. probably might have once said, “Times of bad weed are still better than no weed at all”
  10. Noble’s Prize – Famed grower Chasworth Noble created this strain to make sure everyone knew his skills growing great hybrids. Not exactly a unique name, but coming up with new hybrid strain names is tough these days.

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