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Mimosa Strain | Proper Cannabis

Mimosa is a well known sativa dominant strain and it gets “Proper” treatment. Proper Cannabis is the premium top shelf brand by Soulshine. If you are familiar with Soulshine, then you know they already grow excellent cannabis. So, knowing what they hold in highest regard means a lot.

Mimosa strain Proper Cannabis Sativa Dominant Hybrid

I personally love sativas. For me, sativas and indicas don’t really mean “energy” vs “sedation”. There are euphoric indicas and dreamy sativas. So, the difference for me primarily is like the difference between “sweet” and “savory”. Indicas tend to be more on the sweet smelling side. Aromas like grape and other berries seem typical of indicas.

Whereas sativas seem more savory. Notes of pepper, hints of orange zest, a bit of mint, those types of scents are more typical in sativas.

Of course, there are spice indicas and sweet sativas, but that is just indicative of everything these days actually being a hybrid of one sort or another.

The orange in mimosa

Mimosa strain comes from a cross of Purple Punch and Clementine. So it is a very sativa dominant hybrid. The orange scent comes from the clementine side of the lineage, and it is nicely fragrant. If this was potpourri then everyone would ask where you got it because your house smells so good.

The buds are dense little nugs. The bright green color is nicely highlighted by the dense crystal trichromes creating a resinous sheen on each bud. You can tell this trim was done by hand. Every bud shines bright since it seems apparent no machine trim over-zealously beat up the buds.

proper cannabis mimosa strain eighth

Ever expanding the recesses of my mind

The bong load is smooth and not even a hint of harshness. Another great sign that the plant was properly flushed before cutting. Taking time to go these extra steps makes a huge difference! It is the sort of thing that gets neglected when growers are too eager to push up production – at the expense of creating a better experience.

The cure is nice on the buds too. Neither too damp or too dry. Just right. That also takes time and consideration.

Best of all, the hit has a nice chesty expansion – a beat or two after the exhale. Another sign that you are not just vaporizing h2O and steaming your lungs.

Impressions of Mimosa strain from Proper

If Proper continues in this direction, then it is certainly impressive. There are not enough grows taking the time these days. Big bow to these guys. This level of detail to doing things right becomes rarer and rarer.

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