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Tangerine Dream by CannaOrganix | Review

Tangerine Dream review by The Caterpillar for White Rabbit.

Tangerine Dream by CannaOrganix

The words “Tangerine Dream” swam through my psyche like an aromatic spell, as the notes of tropical, citrus, and a hint of skunk, soared through my nostrils. “This is gonna be fire”, I thought to myself, while enjoying the terpenes that rocketed out of the freshly opened bag.

While gazing at the gram, a bright tint of orange and granulated brown sugar appeared to glisten like Mother Nature’s diamonds. I marveled at the power of cannabis and modern science. This is the future of cannabis innovation.

Tangerine Dream Is A Great Sativa Hybrid

It presented itself further, as I slowly dug my clean pick into what looked like tangerine jewels; watching them creep up the spoon like raw crystalline honey.  Light brings on an almost translucent hue of what looked like cream soda, exhibiting the refined color of what seemed to have been, what I described as, a golden brown sugar.

The texture itself is as enticing as the pigment and aroma, much like a world class dish that would induce excitement from it’s arrangement, complexion, and fragrance. For me, this is one of the many heights of the cannabis experience.

The sheer suspense of this procedure was already enough for me. I glanced to the right towards my rig. Grinning like a waxing crescent Moon, I grabbed my carb cap and torch as if I had gathered tools for my departure, like an astronaut preparing to leave the airlock into “outer space.” After unleashing the furry of my torch onto the quartz banger, I sat patiently waiting for the temperature to cool down. Hovering above my nail, may hand felt the power of the infrared heat, sending me an invitation to begin my journey.

Tangerine Dream Dabs By Cannasol Farms

I lowered my pick into the bucket watching the orange pearls transfigure into vapor that dove into my dab rig. The breeze breeched the water in my apparatus and ascended into my lungs, all while gracing my senses with a bustle of flavors that nudged my pallet into euphoria. I took one balanced toke that accounted for the expansion of smoke that left my lungs at near max capacity, and blew out a cloud that encompassed my dwellings like incense in an enclosed ceremony.

Like the vibe of turning the volume up on a tune that makes your heart race, the “Stone” of my dab elevated my senses and delivered a strong hybrid high with notes of cerebral tides. Everything was cool. I felt relaxed, and content feeling my body at ease with a shade of bliss painted over my equilibrium that left my intellect with a upbeat and uplifting high.

I had scaled the heights of mother nature’s offering, bringing back with me the spirit of her embrace. With a smile as wide as the horizon, I vanished into the dark, leaving the shine of my content across the sharpness of my teeth.

The Cheshire Cat

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