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Cannasol kief is in. A treasure to cherish.

The sunshine in Cannasol kief

Have you ever gotten a really beautiful bud and just marveled at the sparkly kief on the flower? Remembering saving up kief to add to my bowls, but that would take months and months to collect a decent amount. That was before the 502-industry blossomed in our state. Clearly, not everything was so good in the good old days.

Strains of Cannasol kief to choose from

Some great strains came into White Rabbit Cannabis of Cannasol kief.

Wedding cake strain

Wedding Cake is easily one of my newer strain favorites. Its stony, it has a great body high, and it kind of fogs up my brain in a day dreamy sort of way. I’ve heard of people using Wedding Cake for a creative boost. I use it to work up an appetite and motivation for cooking, or for unwinding from a long day with friends.

Durban Poison

It’s very chill without being too sleepy. Almost every Durban Poison I’ve smoked have given me the same result. Reminiscent of Sour Diesel in the sense that it’s a stony head high that is perfect for zoning out and getting lost in a game, book, or nature walk. Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa, it has mild to no body high, and is great for projects that don’t require a lot of energy.

9lb hammer strain

When I indulge in this strain, I’m often binge watching a show or movie while slowly getting house work done.

Stone Leopard Strain

We also have Snow Leopard, this strain I have not tried yet, but here’s what I’ve found on it currently, “Snow Lepard is one of the more unique seed strains out there, crossing the dual multinational genetics of Tiger melon and Snow Lotus, both of which have strong Haze and Afghani influences as well as Thai and Mexican elements. The majority of observed phenotypes are indica-dominant plants. Known for its creeper” effect” – Leafly.

Mixed hybrid keif

Lastly is the Mixed Hybrid, from my understanding when you get a ‘mixed’ Sativa/Indica/Hybrid, that’s when they take multiple strains that they’ve collected from and mix them all together, creating the ‘mix’ effect. It’s very fun because you don’t always get the same feeling twice. All four of these choices would be a wonderful topper to a bowl, adding a little of the strain’s qualities to whatever you’re already smoking.

Making edibles with Cannasol kief

I’ve also heard of people making edibles using kief, from my understanding the process is similar to making canna-butter. I hear the strength of the edibles is very high when you do that. You can even make Hash with Kief, though I’m unsure of how. I’ve heard there’s a way you just wrap it in parchment and walk on it, though I haven’t tried it myself, it is a very tempting technique to try as it seems so simple.
Whether you smoke it or eat it, you’re bound to have a great time with CannaSoul’s Kief.


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