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Pure Ratios 4:1 | Golden Goo

Pure Ratios 4:1 is a topical salve, part of the Golden Goo line from Northwest Cannabis Solutions. I personally do not use topical lotions or balms with or without cannabis too frequently so my experience is admittedly limited. The upside to that is my mind is fresh and open to exploring them.

golden goo northwest cannabis solutions

Trying Pure Ratios 4:1 The First Time

The balm has a waxy appearance but body temp warmth instantly makes it melt. As a result I am pleasantly surprised how little can spread so far. The scent is ok, less eucalyptus than say Carmex for example, but there is a dirty chalk like smell to it. I am reminded of the teacher that used to throw the chalky eraser at me when I used improper punctuation.

Once I get used to it though, I sniff the ginger and elderflower and kind of get used to it and find it more pleasant.  I even smell a hint of cannabis terps which I like.

How I Used Pure Ratios 4:1

My hands are the perfect place to start. They are essentially mangled. A hockey injury has plagued my thumb for months. Trimming overgrown hedges of blackberries has left them poked full of holes and ripped to shreds. Cleaning them so often from corona 19 safety protocols has dried them out. In short, they are a mess.

The balm feels great. The moisture adds instant comfort to my dryness. There is softness without greasiness.

Tried It On My Lips

Once I got used to the scent, then I figured “what the heck”… I am going to try this on my lips too. I am not sure how long it takes the THC to kick in. However, since it is mostly CBD I am not too worried about getting carried away.

The Good News

While my cuts and scrapes did not magically disappear, I can say that the Pure Ratios 4:1 did surprise me. My thumb which has a hairline fracture and has been tormenting me for three months stopped bothering me. All the general hand muscle and joint pain did vanish after about 15 minutes. Pleasantly amazed to say the least.

I can’t believe I had been doubting the value of topicals all this time! Now, I honestly can’t say this is better than anything else out there. What the heck do I know? But I can say that Pure Ratios works for me.

A Final Word

Man, it even is making my cuticles feel better. Honestly, the smell is still so-so but you get used to it. Some people might love it. Like Patchouli it might just be a love/hate thing. I am definitely impressed that it works this well though. Did not expect that at all.

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