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Tiger’s Blood | Crystal Clear Distillate | Review

Tiger’s Blood is a flavored cartridge of cannabis distillate from Crystal Clear. Crystal Clear is a brand under the Northwest Cannabis Solutions label, well known for many great edibles, flower, and more.

What is Tiger’s Blood strain?

A rare and powerful indica, Tiger’s Blood remains a mystery genetically. Regardless, is is definitely all indica. However, that being said, I am not entirely positive that is the strain, or just a name. Because, the ingredients list a few terpenes, like pinene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, then also includes “tasty puff tiger’s blood flavoring”.

I have no idea what that is. I am thinking about calling Charly Sheen to see if he knows. But who knows. It sounds pretty psychedelic in any event.

How is Tiger’s Blood Distillate Extracted?

Crystal Clear distillates are N-tane extracted, then winterized with ethanol and molecularly distilled. The exact process is proprietary, but the basics are all there. A hydrocarbon solvent is used to aggressively separate the valuable and enjoyable resins from the cellulose. “Winterizing” is the process of further “stripping” those resins to purify and concentrate the thc.

Finally, the molecular distillation is where the components are broken down into the cannabinoids, and terpenes. In this case, terpenes are typically added back to provide not only flavor, but also promote entourage effects. The “entourage effect” refers to the contributing healthful and psychoactive potential enhanced through various natural terpenes.

How good are Tiger’s Blood cartridges?

First concern with any cartridge… Does it work? Fortunately, the industry has come a long way and carts functionality improved vastly. The carts used by Crystal Clear are solid and well presented. Clear packaging provides a perfect view of the contents.

Taste of course always is a matter of taste. I personally find the really powerful distillates sacrifice flavor for potency. The cart has a sort of grape-like flavor, which is typical of the terpene caryophyllene. As it happens, that is also a terpene found naturally in grapes.

The tasty puff tiger’s blood flavoring, well, that remains the mystery ingredient.

Effects of the strain

Distillates tend to hit very quickly, but disappear just as fast. The Crystal Clear distillates effects with this strain do feel like running down a fuzzy fur lined hallway. But there is an exit door at the end, so you feel a wave of sunshine when you kick it open, and emerge. Not too burnt. Just a little baked.

Overall, it was ok, but the taste comes off sort of unnatural in terms of being “naturally” flavored. Compare it to an actual ripe strawberry vs a strawberry flavored candy. Sure, they both have the same terpenes, but one tastes fresh and natural, while the other has a chemically taste.

Potency is decent, but not overwhelming. Given that it tests at 90%+ in terms of the THC – I braced for bigger impact. However, it was fine as is. The flavor was all grape and not much in the way of the pinenes.

On the big plus side, the distillate didn’t give me a headache, which many do. So kudos there, for sure.

tiger's blood Crystal Clear Distillate
Tiger’s Blood is a THC distillate from Crystal Clear

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