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Blackberry Kush RSO | HITZ Cannabis | Review

Blackberry Kush RSO from HITZ Cannabis deserves strong accolades. With a name like “HITZ” you better live up to the challenge, and the Blackberry Kush does pack a punch. With the recommended dosage about the size of a grain of rice, the effects are powerful and provocative.

About Blackberry Kush RSO

RSO, or “Rick Simpson Oil” earned popularity and notoriety due to the claimed medical benefits made by Rick Simpson. Simpson says it played a significant role in treating ailments he suffered, from a concussion to cancer. Although there is no medically recognized research that supports his claims, there are ongoing studies and some do show promise supporting the hypothesis.

Although the type of cannabis extract called RSO has been around since ancient times, the product of the process in common parlance is referred to as “RSO”. In the case of the original recipe Simpson popularized, indica was ideal.

Blackberry Kush Is A Classic Strain

To use blackberry kush for RSO right away sets a great example. After all, the strain’s heritage showcases all the best in indica hybrids. Gently euphoric, relaxing without being too tiring. With Afghani Kush crossed with Blackberry, the strain carries that extra gravitas of being so close to a landrace pure indica. Always a plus, and perfect for use in authentic RSO as popularized by Rick Simpson.

Smoking Or Vaping Not Recommended

Technically speaking, you could smoke or vape RSO. However, it isn’t recommended. The best way to use RSO is to add about a rice sized grain to either a beverage or food item. You don’t need to cook it because it has already been “decarbed” and the THC activated. Smoking or vaping just reheats everything unnecessarily and destructively.

Actually, even a rice grain sized speck of a dosage might prove too heavy for some. Start with half a grain dab added to a drink like a smoothie or into a PB&J sandwich. It will work like an edible so expect a couple hour wait before effects blossom.

I know with a name like blackberry kush you want the flavor to be berries and spicy kush, but RSO tastes extremely bitter. Even a tiny bit on the tongue directly will be holding your taste buds hostage for days.

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hitz blackberry kush rso

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