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Pura Vida Prerolls

Pura Vida prerolls dance the smoky dance of smoking good cannabis. Twisted into nice tight rolls. Take a look. Beautifully tight and perfectly stuffed with premium flower.

The strains include Cherry Pie, Gorilla White, and Fuzzy Melon.

Pura Vida Prerolls

About Our Current Strains Of Pura Vida Prerolls

At White Rabbit, we are big fans of the Pura Vida prerolls. Hard to keep them on the shelves.

The Gorillla White crosses GGlue #4 and Fire Alien so it is a slightly indica dominant hybrid. Cherry Pie strain comes from the parent strains Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison! Talk about an amazing hybrid. Two legendary strains twirling and pirouetting together with flavor for days and vigorous potency.

Fuzzy Melon takes Forbidden fruit strain with most likely Watermelon Zkittlez to create a sativa dominant (70%/30) hybrid.

Save On Pura Vida Prerolls

Thursday 2/20 all the Pura Vida prerolls will be on sale while supplies last!

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Sweetwater Farms

Vendor Day 2/22

4 to 7 PM

Sweetwater Farms in the house! Come meet some of the product reps from Sweetwater Farms and learn more about this great grow. We go way back with Sweetwater farms for good reason. They come through time and time again with consistent top shelf cannabis!

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Soulshine Featured Farm

All Soulshine Products 15% Off

Soulshine is an amazing company. They actually dedicate themselves to animal rescue. Guess what? A percentage of every thing they sell goes to help shelters. That’s right… when you smoke some of their amazing strains like Narnia, you save kittens and puppies.

Spread the love, save the animals, and bask in the Soulshine.

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