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Pura Vida farewell

Pura Vida Cannabis we will miss you

Get them while you can! Pura Vida joined forces with the Cookies vendor and will soon grow strictly for them. So that means what we can get from Pura Vida will be the last from them for the foreseeable future! Yes folks, sad to announce that once White Rabbit  is out of their flower and oil, we will no longer have Pura Vida products.

The last Pura Vida strains

We have their Sour Diesel, a strain that is great for rocking out too music, reading a good book or gardening, or playing video games all day. We also have their Mac#4, also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, is super happy and relaxing with a creative undertone.

I’m feeling that would be great for putting a puzzle together in the garden on one of our sunny days coming up. Get them while you can folks!

Fairwinds Cartridges

Do you ever have moments in your life, maybe very stressful ones, constant triggers or constant chronic pain? Annoyances that just seem persistent and feel never ending?

Now if you’ve ever had the chance to be in our humble store, we probably directed you towards FairWinds tinctures. Most likely to the Ratio line of sublingual tinctures or oils. But did you know that they’ve also created their cartridge & vaping counterpart? These have the same amazing ratio’s you know and love.

A 20:1 contains minimal THC and is a comfortable starting place for many needs. It is especially great for people who aren’t looking for a psychedelic experience. A 10:1 that also provides a clear minded result with potentially greater support. A 5:1 or the Mellow blend, named for its powerful relaxing effects and minimal psycho-activity.

Last but not least a 1:1, or Balanced Blend, that used a multi-tool of cannabanoid ratio that offers a broad range support to users with physical discomfort and chosen by patients with a greater wellness need. Cartridges can be great for those who need some assistance and need it now, with close to immediate effects that can last anywhere between 1-2 hours!


Mortimer’s Soda

Having a Soda has never been more fun! Crack open a cold one with White Rabbit and pick up a Mortimer’s Infused Soda Pop! 30Mg of Infused Cream Soda Goodness, or have the best Root Beer Float ever.

Those who are experienced partakers, perhaps a Rocked-out Rum and Coke? These drinks are fantastic to the mind and body, finding a great balance within. There is even a Ginger ale that can sooth you in more ways than one, relaxing tummy troubles with the help from the ginger, and the soothing powers of cannabis.

Classic sodas done the traditional way with a special twist…

mortimers soda

Verdelux Chocolates

I love Verdelux, not only because their hard candies have a flavor that lasts all the way through to the end of the candy, or even that their chocolates and caramels are big pieces that satisfy my sweet tooth. However, I love their product because they label on the back what strains are used with each box or bag of goodies!

This is important because I can be more sure of the effects I am going to get, making it easier to reach specific goals with my experiences! Be sure of what you’re getting, and satisfy a sweet-tooth all at the same time!


Saints has been around this store longer than I have, and for good reason! They have been consistently incredible; hardly ever do I hear someone was unsatisfied with their pack of Saints Joints.

We get their specialty Mixed Boxes. Each time we get their specialty boxes they have different art made for them and this round reminds me heavily of Dungeon and Dragon artistry, very spooky and majestic. Very collectible for anyone who has little dragon hoards like I do.

Inside are 4 different strains of flower, each wrapped up and labeled for your convenience. We also have a few different Single Strain Box’s, such as Lavender, NYC Diesel, Strawberry Banana, and Actual Pain!

Holy-moly guy’s, I just checked and we have even more strains than that…

We also have The Hog, Shishkaberry, and Ice Cream Cake! I can’t believe how many different strains we have from Saints right now! If you need a Sativa, your covered, and Indica, we’ve got that, something In-between? No problem. These premium joints are a perfect way to treat yourself or someone else to something special!

saints prerolls five pack


Agrijuana Topicals

Looking for a topical that will ease away muscle and joint pain? Something minty to help sooth or with lavender to help relax?

I’ve gotten to try this amazing “Flex All” cream before I wasn’t disappointed. This cream, though a little tacky to the touch and a tad oily, worked wonders on my knees after moving and packing furniture all night.

That says it all if you ask me. Anything that makes moving less painful is the be all end all. I mean the be all Flex All…

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