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Snowman | Pura Vida Cannabis

Snowman, another great strain, but Pura Vida, sadly, is no longer available as they were bought out. However, this review reminds us how great they were!

Snowman strain by Pura Vida is a descendant of Girl Scout Cookies originally bred by Berner. He happens to be the weed growing associate of Wiz Khalifa. It is a vibrant sativa hybrid that earned the name honestly. The “snow” refers to the deep coating of trichromes coating the bud.

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Snowman Strain Of The Week

While supplies last, make sure to try some snowman, because everything from Pura Vida is purely awesome. They seriously make every strain they do look like the best version of it.

You Melt Not The Snowman

This is the sort of sativa that makes you wonder why you are wondering why then wonder what were you wondering about anyway. Great for making sense out of nonsense and the other way around.

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