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Pura Vida Vendor Event

Pura Vida vendor event from four to seven at White Rabbit Cannabis. If you want to learn about this great company, then make sure to stop in. Not only can you grab a 15% discount on everything we have from them, you also can get an earful on what makes it special.

Pura Vida Vendor Event And Sale

We currently have gorilla white, cherry pie, and crystal coma. Of course, this depends on availability.

Crystal Coma Review

Pura Vida Cannabis

Crystal Coma has deep roots in the medical marijuana movement. Developed as a strain to provide relief to serious conditions, the strain maintains a reputation for nearly narcotic effects… but without the negative side effects. Pura Vida picked a winner for their strain line up with Crystal Coma.

Their typically dense nugs look crusted in sticky diamonds of terpene rich crystals. So the name is quite fitting on that level as well.

I have been concerned lately that growers knock off their bud’s trichromes in order to make concentrates. However, I don’t see that happening at Pura Vida. The Crystal Coma buds sparkle and taste magical. It is like honey from bees that sipped on roses, then flew past spruce trees on the way to the hive.

Visit Our Pura Vida Vendor Event

Meet And Greet and sale on Pura Vida while they are here!

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