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Oregon Diesel Review | Top Shelf

Oregon Diesel is a strain that has been around a while. The genetics come from NYC Diesel crossed with Blackberry Kush, so that gives you an idea how old school it is… Those strains go back over 30 years! Also, it clues you in what to expect. A generous helping of indica with just a touch of sativa in the genome.

Indeed, indica lovers rejoice. This is an indica dominant hybrid that weights around 90% indica to 10% sativa.

oregon diesel by top shelf cannabis

Oregon Diesel From Top Shelf

With Top Shelf Cannabis, there is a high bar set just in the name itself. If your company name is “Top Shelf”, then you better provide some seriously great flower. Anything less would invite serious scorn. Luckily, with Top Shelf, they live up to the hype. Their bud is always worthy of the name.

Top Shelf focuses not only on quality genetics, and specializes in classic strains, but also focuses on organic growing standards. They don’t cut corners on the cure either. The end result is top notch top shelf.

As a nice added touch, they package the bud in a reusable shot glass. Great way to reduce waste!

Judging The Best Oregon Diesel Strain

With Oregon Diesel, the strain was literally created to address the unique growing conditions in the Pacific Northwest. Growers have been growing it for decades both indoors and outdoors. So, it is definitely a familiar favorite. With that in mind, fans know the difference between the great and the so-so.

Flavors Of The Northwest

The blackberry kush side of Oregon Diesel presents savory fruity notes reminiscent of blackberries for sure. NYC Diesel adds that weird skunk that is oddly compelling. It is getting sprayed by a skunk in the middle of picking blackberries but you don’t care because the blackberries are so ripe and perfect.

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