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Black Cherry Soda | Mink Farms | Strain of the Week

Black Cherry Soda. Everything about it sounds delicious.

Mink Farms Black Cherry Soda Strain

You could even say it backwards and still get a kick out of saying it. Which is to say that it is a kick tasting it. With Mink Farms, they care so much about the proper curing that you get to experience the flavor as it should be enjoyed. These days bud goes by so many names it is hard to keep up. So cannabis that builds its reputation on truly being what it claims to be, like “Black Cherry Soda”, presents a treat.

Black Cherry Soda Strain of the Week

The name conjures a sunny day at the fair and bringing home the biggest stuffed animal because you landed every ring in the toss. The feeling is like you just like when they hand you that fuzzy Pink Panther and you know that you are going to take every step for the rest of the day humming the Panther theme song and slinking about with a bemused smile on your face.

Review Black Cherry Soda From Mink Farms

“For the love of flower”. Nothing says it better. Mink Farms brings love to the strain. They are not a big operation but they put more heart and art into their craft than most do in ten years of trying. The black cherry soda tastes delicious and hits all the sweet cherry notes and has that effervescent feeling that makes the soda pop.

A sativa dominant hybrid, the joy of the Mink Farms take on it, the cure, means the flavor comes through. The feeling sort of bubbles up through the head. Then, a sparkle of ideas begins bursting forth like tiny soda bubbles when they pop. Tasty, satisfying.

Mink Farms Black Cherry Soda goes on sale all week long starting 9/23. This is the sort of family farm we cherish. Uniquely passionate about their product, they are the sort of folks that truly produce great cannabis for the love. That spirit “resin-ates” if you know what we mean…

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