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Honu Edibles | Holiday Hours

Honu Edibles are always amazing.

Try Honu Edibles At White Rabbit Cannabis

If you like Chocolate Turtles, then just imagine how good they can be with a bit of cannabis to boost them past delicious and into ethereal. So dang good. (Make sure to watch how many you eat… you don’t want to be the one drooling and cross eyed at the dinner table during holiday festivities)

Honu Edibles On Sale

15% Off Wed. 12/19

Honu edibles wins awards for good reason. From their organic flower to their concentrates, and everything in between, they produce consistently outstanding cannabis treats. I personally am a big fan of their edibles. Their chocolate inspired confections bring joyful tidings.

Sweetwater prerolls

15% Off Thur. 12/20

Sweetwater Farms strives for the highest standards of organic and sustainable practices, plus they focus on great strains. Grab some of their premium flower prerolls. Try the Huckleberry and Primus. Very tasty.

Black Diamond

15% Off Fri. 12/21

We have Jamaican Jam and God’s Gift. Save on 3,5 gram sacks (which are already pretty darn inexpensive for great quality bud!)


Dec. 24

We will be open from 9 am to 7pm.

Dec 25

Closed, merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy time with your friends and family. Spread joy… along with peace, love, and great cannabis.

Dec 31

Open 9am until 10:00pm

Jan 1

Open 9am until 10pm

Flow Cream

30% OFF!

The full size jars are marked down an astonishing 30% off. Arguably one of the best out there and for the price – easy to give a try for yourself if you don’t already know.

Glass Paraphernalia

20% OFF!

Ends Dec 31!

The best part about owning a new piece of awesome and unique glass paraphernalia is not just that you don’t have to clean your old piece again. It isn’t the look of awe laced with a touch of jealousy that shows up on your friends faces when they take it in their trembling with anticipation hands. It is the fact that you purchased it at White Rabbit for 20% off and saved so much that you could hand it off to your pal and tell him or her not to worry about having to clean that old piece that needed a cleaning bad.

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