Honu coconut snowballs

Smoking with the Caterpillar

Honu Vendor Day

Honu vendor day when they drop by this Friday the 13th from 4 to 7pm. We love the Honu edibles, and for good reason.

Indeed, Honu has award winning treats; right now we carry quite a few to choose from!

honu edibles

During Honu Vendor Day 15% off!

Try any of the amazing Honu edibles today while they are on sale. Meet the great peeps from Honu and learn more about what makes them special.

Especially if you are feeling a bit peckish… then time to stop in for the Honu Vendor day event!

Honu plus more Specials this Weekend

9/13Honu Vendor Day from 4 to 7. Also, Fainting Goat big bag special. Everything 1/4oz or higher marked down

9/14Uniflora Cannabis marked down on all available products

9/15 Dose Concentrates, a dose of Dose feels pretty darn good

9/16Antimatter Glass, presenting unique glassware that looks as good as it works

9/17Ray’s Lemonades return for a great 15% off deal

GreenRush Cannabis

20% off in September

month long special

GreenRush flower on sale all month long. Strains change frequently so check the shop for what is available.

Sept. 13

15% Off Fainting Goat big bags

Fainting Goat grows amazing flower and offers it as an insane price. Even better, today everything from 1/4 ounce to an ounce is marked down 15%

Sept. 14

Unaflora Farm of the Day 15% OFF

Unaflora grows top notch top shelf buds. We have Acapulco gold, big blue, and strawberry cough. Good while supplies last!

Sept. 15

15% Off Dose concentrates

Excellent cannabis extractions from Dose for Caterpillar’s Choice today, 15% off!

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