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Spady Buds is the White Rabbit Cannabis farm of the day this Saturday the 13th of June. Spady Buds provides a middle tier price for a consistently decent quality of flower. On Saturday, all the inventory available goes on sale for 15% off.

Spady Buds discount on Saturday

The strains we currently offer from Spady Buds include G-13, Gglue #4, and Orange Bud. Here is a review of their chocolate chunk strain.

More about these strains

G-13 is the infamous strain supposedly developed by the US Government in secrecy. Gglue #4, formerly known as “gorilla glue” until a copyright suit necessitated a name change is a legendary hybrid. It is well known for being a nice balance of sativa and indica. Gglue #4 crosses Chem’s Sister x Sour Dub x Chocolate Thai.

Orange bud was first developed in Holland in the 1980s. It is a cross of some orange heavy California skunk strains from back in the day.

spady bud blue dream strain

Covid Compliance Note

We thank you all for bearing with us during the pandemic! We humbly and politely ask our customers to wear masks in the shop to help protect our staff. As always, ordering online is the best way to help minimize contact. Thanks again so much for being such wonderful and patient customers! We truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Oil Tycoon Dabs


Oil Tycoon dabs on sale for 15% off today for Caterpillar’s choice dab of the day. All their dabs on sale while supplies last.

oil tycoon dabs

Clearly Distillate Cartridges


Clearly distillates are high quality and high potency extracts. All their carts are on sale for 15% off today.

Happy Apple Beverages


Happy Apple infused cannabis beverages taste crisp and wonderful. You would drink them even if they didn’t contain cannabis. But they do… which makes them insanely good.


NWCS Edibles


You know ’em. You love ’em. Give a hand and strike up the band. All your favorite edibles from Northwest Cannabis Solutions like Marmas and Chewees etc are on sale today for 15% off!

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