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5th Element #1 | Mt Baker Gardens | Review

Reviewing 5th Element from Mt Baker Gardens (check out thisĀ  Cookies and Cream from Mount Baker Gardens review too) grants a privilege and a treat. The Mt Baker Gardens take on Fifth Element showcases their incredible skills. Every time I taste it, I find a new depth of enjoyment.

Singing The Praises Of 5th Element

The appearance of 5th Element is striking. The nugs are particularly dense and crystalline. Seeing the globules of trichromes sparkling portents of good things to come.

And that is saying something. I see a lot of flower that looks amazing until you look closely. All green, no glisten. Most of the trichromes knocked off to create another product, like hashish, or other type of concentrate. Or the buds were just abused by electric trimmers etc.

So, quite refreshing Mt Baker Gardens keeps it real and keeps the goo on the good bud. Well trimmed buds are becoming a lost art.

5th Element Is An Indica Dominant Hybrid

The original 5th Element comes from crossing Blackberry X and All Spark OG. Pretty much every variation of the OG lineage earns instant respect. Small wonder why those genetics are such a cornerstone of great indicas the world over.

Savor The Fifth Element Of Flavor

Fifth Element possesses an excellent berry sweetness. You understand the Blackberry heritage line, but there is also a wisp of pineapple. This cuts through the sweetness, but in a way that adds balance and harmony.

Time To Chillax

The hit is completely smooth. No bite in the back of the throat. No fertilizer chemical aftertaste. That means they spent time doing the flush properly. The cure was handled well too. Just the right amount of moisture – not too dry and brittle, nor too wet and green. The buds is so dense breaking off a nug for a bongload almost looks like a chip of hashish.

The buzz is relaxing but not overly sedative. So don’t expect to melt into the couch and watch reruns of the inside of your eyelids. In that sense, it feels relaxing but in the carefree sense of relaxing, not the got to take a nap sense.

Over all, very pleasant and I recommend it highly! Mt Baker Gardens did a fantastic job.

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