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Hazy Daze Blunt | Review

Hazy Daze #Blunt is a big hearty full flower joint infused with plenty of solvent free cannabis extract. The blunt is rolled in a full hemp paper wrap and contains a gram of bubble hashish. White Rabbit Cannabis is carrying the sativa, indica, and hybrid variations.

The so smooth #blunt from Hazy Daze Growers

I rocked the #Blunt from Hazy Daze Growers and I must admit it is just swell. I am not necessarily a big blunt smoker, but when the opportunity arises every now and then, time to step up! The hybrid #Blunt packs a gram of smooth tasting bubble hash into the wrap along with a spicy full gram of flower. Sometimes bubble hash is not so smooth, but this tasted super silky.

I found myself stepping up to bigger and bigger draws just to test it. The good news is I didn’t get a hack or blow a lung out. So velvety and downright tasty. The bad news is I got to a point where I had to put it out quickly.

Feeling the groove come on, like a crunchy jam, meant leaving the sidelines to jump into the music, sweet music of that delicious cannabis.

What exactly is bubble hash?

Bubble hashish is a simple form of hash and it gets its name a couple ways. First, the hash should “bubble” when you heat it. That is because it should be just the trichrome crystals and no plant matter. So it is similar to a solvent extraction that melts and and bubbles as it vaporizes.

However, bubble hash is actually 100% solvent free.

Also, bubble hash is made with “bubble bags”. These bags are like screens that allow the sifting of the trichromes to remove all the plant matter cellulose.

You might also see bubble hash referred to as “ice hash” or “cold water process” hash.

hazy daze hybrid blunt

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