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Wicked Extreme | Bubble Hash | Banano Buds

Wicked Extreme is another exclusive strain of Banano Buds. For the review, I am sampling their bubble hash.

Wicked Extreme Bubble Hash From Banano Buds

The Wicked Extreme bubble hash from Banano Buds is a dense tanned ball of compressed kief. The scent has more pine than hashish, more citrus than spice. The tested sample has 32.31 THC and no detectable CBD.

What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash gets its name several ways. First and foremost, bubble hash is made with fine mesh “bubble bags” that help first separate the leafy cellulose from the finer calyxes that are dense with trichromes. Then, that is passed through finer material to separate again until just the trichromes are collected.

Essentially, bubble hash is the original extracted concentrate of cannabis.

Another reason it is called “bubble hash”? As pure oily trichromes. when heated, it bubbles up.

How Good Is Wicked Extreme?

The dense high of the Wicked Extreme feels like swimming in jello that tastes like strawberries with a hint of lime. There is a jiggle, a wiggle, and a bounce to it that is completely pleasing. It breaks up like densely packed kief, so you don’t need to warm it like you would hashish like Sitka is known for.

I favor chipping some on top of  a bong or pipe load rather than dabbing it. It is like a Grand Marnier splash on top of a tasty margarita. It adds flavor and punch.

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