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Sitka Sikar A Masterpiece Rendered In Hashish

Sitka sikar is a joint filled with keif and flower then rolled in hash.

The Sitka Sikar the world’s most luxurious joint

The Sitka Sikar occupies a very rare place in the world of weed. Quite simply put, you cannot find any thing else like it.

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Is The Sitka Sikar The Best Joint Ever?

Look at the shelves in any rec shop. You see cannabis rendered and processed into every form imaginable. Want to drink a cannabis soda? Choose a brand. Need an edible? What do you like? Eat a chocolate or a cookie, a brownie or a granola bar.

What Is A Sitka Sikar Like?

Tons to choose from, the selections go on for days. However, there remains only one company making authentic hashish, Sitka. Luckily, White Rabbit Cannabis is one place where one can find this unique product.

I am not talking about the bubble hash or ice hash as it is sometimes called. I refer to the authentic hashish that has been around for millennia inspiring poets, artists, and assassins. The stuff that Burroughs and Ginsberg smoked in Morocco. Sitka makes the kind of hash your crazy uncle spent years in a Turkish prison eating cockroaches for trying to smuggle in the 60s.

Authentic Hash, a rare treat and a prize to find

They create the hash like the kind Afghan freedom fighters riding mountain ponies sold to the CIA. Sitka does the hash that ancient rajahs imbibed in ornate hookahs before diving into opulent oriental harem tents. The real deal. Forget all those pentane, entane, butane extractions that amount to weed crack. Those do not compare.

Real hashish stands as an art form. Moreover, Sitka brings artistry to another level with the Sikar.

Sitka Hashish Is The Best

The Sikar rolls four grams of hash with flower into a wrapper made of hash. The hash wrapper delivers a stroke of genius. By taking the hashish and making it more pliable with co2 extracted cannabis oil, they can roll the wrapper thin enough to hold the contents. Imagine, no paper to impart any harshness. You enjoy the pure elegant and voluptuous smoke of hashish. Just like a Cuban cigar, the Sikar can be put down and re-lit so it will last far beyond expectation. Better than a cigar, the flavor just seems to improve as you smoke it down.

The Sikar delivers flavor, lasts forever, and feels like you are taking a magic carpet ride on a Persian carpet made of silk. You fly over sand dunes where camels cross, laden with silver treasure boxes full of hash. You pass through enchanted places, where time and space dance to sinewy rhythms and sing songs of reverence.

Great hash simply takes you places you cannot go with any other type of marijuana product. Sitka’s Sikar sits a top a golden throne, unique, righteous, completely regal. There is nothing else like it.

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