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GNub Review

GNub is not some funky name for a new internet company. Gnub refers to a smaller half gram version of the ever popular Gstik, which is a full flower distillate infused preroll. So sticky, these shiny little joints just look souped up like the race car equivalent of a doobie.

Gnub Distillate Infused Prerolls

Gnub distillate infused prerolls definitely are very popular with customers, but for full disclosure, I am typically not a fan of certain distillates. Basically, in all honesty, pure THC gives me a short and unpleasant high typically ending in headache. But I am always game to try and see if that is still the case.

Who knows?

Maybe THC is like certain foods. I didn’t like beets as a kid but now I can’t get enough of them.

gnub gstik

GNub Full Flower Blends

On the promising side, Gnubs like Gstiks contain full flower cannabis blends. I like this practice and would compare it to certain blended whiskeys. For example, a blended scotch usually has a nice smooth edge to it and cannabis blends can create similar smoothness. More ideally, certain strains together create a nicer buzz and better overall flavor.

In the Gnub I sampled,  Grape Inferno and 9lb hammer make for an indica double whammy.

Distillate Infused

Distillate infused gets plenty of folks excited. Who doesn’t like the idea of a joint having some extra potency added? My only issue with pure THC is that it loses the “entourage effect” that balances the THC with CBD and the full terpene profile.

If you have ever tried marinols. the pure THC synthesized medicine typically prescribed to cancer patients, then you may know what I am talking about.

In the case of a Gnub though, of course there is cannabis flower to help offset that.

The Flavor And The Effect

After removing it from the stick-free wrapper, then lighting it up, I definitely enjoy the flavor and smoothness of the indica Gnub. It smokes very evenly and ever so slowly. Getting my fill after about six puffs. I extinguish it. Then repeat this until it is finished about a day later.

So you know the strength and potency were obviously solid.

Unfortunately for me, I still did get that unpleasant side effect. The high was big, ephemeral and floaty, but sort of like jumping off a cliff. I felt like I was flying for a quick moment but the landing wasn’t so pleasant.

The Final Word

Most people I don’t think experience pure THC the way I do. No doubt distillate infused Gnub and Gstik joints are certainly popular because they work well. I am going to keep trying because one day who knows? I may turn into a weed snob that doesn’t like anything less than 99% pure THC!

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