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Wavy Blue | Kibble Junction | Review

Wavy Blue strain from Kibble Junction just came in to White Rabbit Cannabis. However, I confess. When Kibble Junction landed in our store, not impressed with how it looked. It lacks that golden lemon color, nor looks white or clear or even orange. I know. I spoil myself a little.

This budtender is guilty of choosing things by color.

The Color Of Wavy Blue Strain

But then someone gave me a better explanation on why some quality oil has a darker, more honey brown color. It comes down to a couple factors. First, its color indicates sometimes there is more plant matter in them. Like when you make oil using a cured resin method. Next, the color can also have to do with the temperatures and type of solvents used to extract the oils.

Processing out everything to obtain a clear extract, means you also have to bring back in the flavorful terpenes. Depending on the method of extraction, the solvent and temperature effects flavor and potency. It might also destroy many useful cannabinoids and terpenes.

Bottom line, color is less important than you think. What the final extracted processed dab tastes and feels like – way more important.

The Effects Of Wavy Blue

The effects are more akin to smoking a fresh bowl of flower than a distillate oil experience. Personally, that is a big plus to me. Distillates are nice but they tend to hit harder – which isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes we actually need to get things done around here. Wavy Blue lets you ride the wave without burying you like a tsunami where you may never surface to recover the day.

More From Kibble Junction

Now I find myself buying almost any shade of oil, giving me a wider range of experiences that I can have. Kibble Junction has a nice range of strains to choose from, including Black cherry, Double OG, Blue Diesel, and the one I’ve tried, Wavy Blue. What I enjoyed about that strain, other than how light and easy the taste was, the high that I felt from it was very controllable as well as effective for a long period of time.

Final Thoughts On Wavy Blue Strain

I found the gram lasted me a long time as I didn’t feel the need to keep toking on it over and over. Wavey Blue felt like it was a walk in the park, easy going and just awake enough to make the day last a little longer. I would definitely buy that oil again, and i would share it with people who like hybrids that are cerebral and light hearted.

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